Is Samsung's Bixby destined for failure?

In case you’re wondering what Bixby is, start by reading this piece.

So, after getting information that Bixby won’t be ready by the time the Galaxy S8 hits the market, and that Samsung will avail it as an update later on, I thought to myself, “well, here starts the failure”.

The fact that people have already gotten a way to remap the dedicated bixby button before the device is even launched says a lot. I think Samsung should just put a lid on this one and crawl back to Google Assistant.


Personally, I’m kinda skeptical about the relevance of AI-powered tools at our fingertips; they haven’t taken off with the bang their makers expect them to. We are just not at that point where the use of digital assistants is mainstream. I understand a respectable percentage of us use them, including Siri in iOS and Google Now/Assistant on the Android side, but how many times do you call for the help of these services? How many time do you converse with your phone and bark at it to do a thing or do? How convenient, or faster is it than manually executing a function through multiple taps and clicks and scrolls? I find the latter faster on my end because speed is important to me.
About Bixby, I think it will be one of those features that will sit unused in S8/+ because I just don’t see any compelling or killer feature that will pull people to it. Additionally, it is just a redundant assistant. Google Assistant/Now meet the same provisions of Bixby (and come preloaded in the phones),but Samsung, as mentioned in the article above, has gone ahead to include a hardware button to trigger it. This shows how serious Samsung is with Bixby. On the other hand, the button is probably there for buyers to acknowledge it, to strike curiosity so that you can use Bixby, albeit unconsciously.Neat.
In no time, we will know how its fate.

Google Assistant and Cortana are good enough,no one needs bixby

So guys, I tried out Bixby during the S8 launch and at this stage, it is just a gimmick.

Pictures or it didn’t happen.

Happy now?

Going by what we saw today, they’re at least a year away from proving that it’s not another S-Voice Gimmick…


There are some cool staff in bixby but overall process of evolution for this tool is very slow.

I think their best option for now is to increase number of supported languages.

I have owned several Samsungs, never used Bixby nor even Google Assistant… I just find it convenient to simply pull up what I need manually.