Is Money the only Defence Uber has?

As the United States of America go on to implode and popular figures take sides on country’s political outcomes and strategies, Uber CEO found himself on the wrong side of the fence as an economic advisor to President Trump. He also made a public statement indicating that he was on Trump’s side when others were busy giving statements again’st the ban Muslims move by Trump

And there was a major backlash for Uber as a company, #DeleteUber is reported to have had more than 200,000 account deletes from unofficial data, the app went ahead to move from the top ten apps on Apple store, guess who replaced them? Lyft. Yes, Lyft went to number 4 in the US app store.

Now Uber has all the money to push the numbers, Lyft is not as endowed, but recent events gave Lyft an advantage, showing that outside of the money, Uber really can be disrupted. This means that their competition would just need money to burn and they can take on Uber.