Is Kenyan Internet really being monitored?

I’m referring specifically to an article from this site and linked here.

Who exactly is doing the monitoring? ISPs? The state? “Hackers”? Maybe someone can shed some light on this?

Well, that’s public knowledge by now, from way back. Read here

NSIS…All Kenya’s international data traffic flows through KIXP(Kenya’s Internet exchange point),the NSIS has equipment installed and running that taps into KIXP…With adequate investment.Our Government intelligent agencies have invested in data capture equipment like the ones supplied by Endace,a new zealand company…now,with these equipment already connected to all the fibre taps, combined with massive computing resources purchased or provided by Kenya’s allies(GCHQ,NSA) as well as unmentioned ongoing chinese expertise provided to NSIS on national network monitoring .They are able to monitor all the data traffic in the country not encrypted using AES in real-time…Also the govt has the ability to restrict certain services/protocols within our internet infrastructure if these services are deemed to be a threat to national security or interests.So apps like whatsapp,facebook,youtube e.t.c can all be easily blocked,if they are deemed to be presenting a threat, without affecting essential services like e-commerce,stock exchange,electronic payments e.t.c.It is very naive to think that the Kenyan Government does not have the capability to control or monitor our internet traffic…Our sovereign govt cannot delegate such an important task to international players now that we are prone to international terrorism and most of our financial/economic output is flowing through these communication systems…

Strange because the various intelligence leaks over the years show that Kenyan security agencies lack the ability to monitor Internet based communications.

Like our more restrictive neighbours Uganda and Ethiopia, I’d wager our security agents rely more on human intelligence than (illegal) NSA style operations.