Is Kenya being Dominated By Dumb Bloggers

Can I be painfully honest for a moment

Kenya is full of dumb bloggers, with blogs emerging everyday posting copy pasted content from other blogs blogs, unhelpful stuff to attract enormous traffic. I think we are or the wrong direction.

Where are the smart bloggers AT.


Ken, what happens is as a small market, there is what we call ‘coding on an empty stomach’. A famous saying among the Kenyan tech circles coined by one Idd Salim. What this means is that many start blogging as a way of sustenance, because the bar is quite low for blogging, get pageviews, irrespective of the source and you can take home some revenues.

As opposed to some markets where blogging is being taken up as an investment with established industry leaders, we have a huge mix. There is a mix in every market, but we don’t have extremely successful blogs like Mashable, Engadget, ArsTechnica, TechCrunch here. These demand quality. We at Techweez are trying what we can to achieve that. Can’t say we are doing the best that can be done but we are trying. Oh, and please give us feedback on what you think we should improve.

We will get there, it’s a task as the things that determine the outcome are mainly website visitors, and as long as we get swayed by clickbait we are still at one position.


I have to agree with you @martingicheru on this one. Traffic seems to be the one and only reason people blog. And it is not even a case for starter bloggers, look at media houses and the stories they peddle on social media. Some simply want people to visit the pages which are normally very insufficiently written. I think part of this is also due the fact that we have too much of entertainment and gossip blogs on the limelight that those grounded on other issues such as tech, education, medicine and health etc. But in all honesty I applaud Techweez, at least thus far I am yet to sense desperation in drawing ‘undeserved’ traffic.


Whoa @kenjuma96 … There is no such thing as smart blogging. Whether you are in Kenya, the UK, Chile or South Africa 99% of stuff online will be crap. So be easy on the people trying to run blogs; creating good content takes great effort and a lot of time. Keep searching and you will find the nice stuff. is a good example. Personally, I avoid anything run by mainstream media companies.

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With smart blogging i mean people who post stuff that is original, has good quality and is for the purpose of making a difference. lets say Techweez.

With dumb blogging i mean people who post stuff that isnt of any help to the reader. They post stuff to attract more and more readers. The blogs are not organized, with ads everywhere. You cant click on anything without clicking an ad.

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Anyone who’s not in the know and has heard me talk about blogging in this country would easily think @kenjuma96 is my parody. Because those are exactly my words. Ok, I’d be more mean with my comments.
However I’m of the belief that as the space matures, like chaff, the bad content will be swept by the wind. The deep and more concrete stuff will stick. The bar is too low and anyone and their cat can just wake up one cold morning and decide to “blog”. In most instances that involves throwing around the names of famous people, shameless copy pasting and what not to earn a quick buck. We’ll get there as the reader base also matures. Same way we all knew to never take seriously those 10 bob backstreet products of the gutter press is what we’ll do with blogs as they take their place at the table as THE MEDIA. That day is not far away. There are lots of Kenyans (and young Kenyans at that) who are trying. Then there’s the rest who give everyone a bad name.
The other aspect is you as the reader. You actually vote with your mouse clicks for bad content every time you click through a link to a crappy blog. There are lots of stupid articles being churned out by the hour that are at best idiotic but hey, the people love them so…


We will get there. Yes. we will
The point is all the good blogs don’t get enough readers. The bloggers end up giving up and starting new crappy blogs.

This is an unfortunate generalization and it waters down your whole argument. From observation, there are many fantastic bloggers who produce fantastic content, unfortunately it’s the ones that write on gossip and entertainment that get the most readers. I would suggest that you widen your blog reading & to especially avoid gossip blogs. Also, it seems that you write about the same type of content you are classifying as dumb. Go figure.

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Go. Read

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I blog at

I don’t think whatever I do is dumb!

Wait! You have a blog dedicated to snoring? I don’t know whether to be amused or marveled at your audacity of niche content. So your target audience is people who snore?

There are blogs that provide more constructive content like how projects and new technologies can improve or transform the lives of kenyans like spective kenya,check them out


I found this ridiculous at first, until i had a go at it.
My take is informative, i learnt stuff i did not know or expect to hear fro anyone. Neither did i think i would get time to google such. well thought.

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One of the most memorable moments on this forum.

Mpasho News

"You cannot believe what @Wamathai did to @kenjuma96… "

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In a world where quality is wanting, would sweet talking you into producing quality or talking tough lead to results?

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I strongly think Its a matter of dumb readers


Oh my! How about ? Are we the ones dumb or are you not understanding what we blog about?

Blogging is all abt rumors lies and wat entertains your readers so it aint abt the bloggers but the readers content choice. If shit can generate traffic then shit it is


Mee too. Lots of dumb readers. Hehe