Is it the right time to buy ethereum?

ethereum is the second cryptocurrency i have been following its story after bitcoin .since i didnot enjoy any profit from bitcoin ever if i had been following it since june 2017when its price was around ksh 200,000.2018 i have made my mind to follow ethereum 's story n make some profits . i think ethereum has alot of potential in future since in my view the next internet will be decentralized( even Facebook said so)

.In order to create decentralized applications ,we need ethereum which allow us to use the common proggramming languange C++ java to create web application or whatever we need ,then use ethereum to make our app /site decentralised .Actually there is an alliance comprising of Tech n banking sectors akina barclays na mircosoft who backed ethereum ,and made its price increase in 3folds

2018 i think is will be ethereum year n there are prediction it may reach ksh 500,000 or 200k .we started this year with its price allowed Ksh 75,000 but now its nearing ksh 120,000/=.this after the ethereum developer team rolled a test run for an upcoming hard fork(software update ).

in order to measure or prediction the future of a cyptocurrency one should judge by developer activity around it .ether developers are preparing 2 hard fork (update ) CASPER N PLASMA .When this is done the ethereum price may reach 200,000/=!!!SO is this right time to buy ethereum?
Final word brazillian govt is debating on whether to use ethereum platform to replace traditional voting system .if it happen this will mean more money to ethereum ?
you can buy some ether here