Is it possible to trace phone using imei number?

I want to know about it if any software you have please share with me.

Hapa unless you have government connections huezi make it. Ata karao hawawezi, unless you work with NIS, but if your phone ni budget hakuna aja. I’m waiting for e-SIMs though, they will be easier to trace than current devices with physical sim cards.

The Telcos can, but you need a police abstract for that. When a sim card connects to, let’s say Safaricom’s network, it transmits the IMEI of the phone so Safaricom will know who has your phone if you report it as stolen and someone is using it. But otherwise, as far as I know, there’s no public software that allows you to track that yourself


I’ll tell you this, if it’s an Android, forget about it. Plenty of IMEI changers, from Chamelephone for rooted devices, Xposed Modules, S/N Writer and MAUI Meta make it almost impossible for such a task. I doubt if even the OEM that manufactured the device could find it.


Not all agree to change though. Huawei are a number one hard to change, Nokia too but most phones especially if it’s an MTK forget it

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S/N Writer and Maui Meta can change any Android environment device. Usidanganywe na mtu ati sijui Nokia ama Huawei ama Oppo haziwezi. As long as it’s an Android phone, and can have USB Debugging options under Developer settings, it is changeable.
People out here already know how to disable secure boot options using no-verity-opt-encrypt and the likes that Android tends to implement for security. All the OEMs do to an Android ROM is layer the system, mambo ya security ni kazi ya Google and Android is an open source project. All that talk is pure propaganda. (That’s what I think anyway.)


SN writer and Maui Meta only work on mediatek phones

There’s also QPST

Will check out on this but that I can almost assure you some phones is hard nut. MTK has the worst security including reading back and extracting everything from messages to files