Is it better to leave my laptop on during night for higher lifespan?

Is it better for my laptop to shut it down or leave it on during night for higher lifespan?
Also, is it fine if I leave my laptop plugged without its battery all the time?

Hahah, I don’t know about others but I don’t care how I leave my laptop at night. Leaving it on or off has little to no benefit in my opinion. Yes, frequently shutting it down might, theoretically, affect circuitry and HDD, but not as much as you think.

I purchased my current refurbished “low-class” lenovo in 2016, and it has been plugged in around 80% of the time. It still has 2-hour battery life yenye nilipata nayo :smile: :smile:. As long as you are not overheating your laptop with games and heavy stuff (heat affects batteries), I don’t think you should be concerned by anything.

Also, I have noticed that Windows lags significantly when not connected to power, anyone else? watu wa HDD na i3 that is :sweat_smile:

I replaced its original 768p resolution screen to 1080p around mid last year and it’s still good.

I have this lenovo which I never switch off, lenovo has this setting where if you have your laptop plugged in most of the time the battery charges to only 60 % and stops, they say this is to preserve battery life, I think there is other version of Lenovo vantage that can work on other laptops

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Been looking for a similar setting for HP and never found one. I read that third party apps can’t coz it’s a kernel thing nikasare

found mine in the BIOS. it now charges to max 80%

Is your laptop a HP?

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You might not need it after all. Laptop manufacturers, unlike smartphone manufacturers, do have a lot of space to play with. Most laptops do have features, which help to extend the charge cycles and battery life of laptops even if you charge up to 100%.

My now 7 years old laptop came with only a 2-Cell 32Whr battery with around 7 hours of use. It still manages 4~5 hours of use when handling normal office work.


Mine does to 95% with Lenovo Vantage on.

I uninstalled this stuff, was slowing my already slow 4th gen i3 :roll_eyes:

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My personal laptop stays online 24/7

And my MacBook died on me yesterday can’t charge guess I got to shop for a new laptop I have been planning on replacing this one mine could charge to 80% then stop now it won’t charge the magsafe charger is blinking green!

Umm okay so this is just what i have heard from the communities. You should leave the laptop on sleep overnight. Also apparently your battery cant charge after a certain point, obviously, so it doesnt matter if the laptop is always connected to the charger.

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There is this guy on YouTube who keeps ripping apart MacBooks to expose flaws. I was surprised to find that a number of MacBooks don’t have a heat pipe. And the distance between the fan and processor is almost a kilometer. You wonder what the fan is cooling.

Loll. But nonetheless they work just fine… :sweat_smile:

He was investigating issues to do with fried MacBooks :smile: :smile: :smile:

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explains a lot why intel processors don’t seem to be doing too well on Macs,Maybe hence why Apple is jumping to arm processors for this.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Maybe for asthetics

The circuit design of some MacBooks is terrible. I guess it’s planned obsolescence.

Yeah…silent MacBooks. Kumbe ni pasi unanunua :laughing::laughing::laughing: