Is Iphone SE 2 the Poco F1 of 2020?

What are your thoughts on iphone SE 2020? I am thinking of importing one so that I can daily drive on a compact device that will remain stable and supported for 5 years.

Given the company’s (relatively) friendly pricing in 2019 iPhones, 2020 entry level Macbook air, iPhone SE 2; is it me or is Apple becoming a price-friendly company? In contrast Google (pixel), One Plus (8 and 8pro), Samsung (s20 ultra, s20+) seem to be headed for the moon with the prices. Notably One plus 8 has poor specs for a flagship, and Samsung refused to release a cheap compact s20e… Google released crap last year for a flagship price

I know Apple wants to sell services to India and the third world but still, A13 bionic for $399 (or $500 after importing) is insane.
I am liking Apple more and more

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You never go wrong with apple products. SE 2 has already been named “The world’s best single camera phone(4K 60p) with the world’s fastest mobile phone processor”

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Apple just outdid themselves with the SE…
Really tempted to get One…

Similar thinking here as well. It is not possible to get any other IOS device with 3gb RAM under $600. With the IOS software optimization and a13 bionic, it is a beast

You can imagine all the future features that A13 let this small device enjoy, for 4-5 years

I imagine Apple is targeting non-power users. However, I do not think this device is for normies only. From my experience, most techies would like to have a small powerful phone for banking and communication… and separate android devices for experiments (apps, custom roms, kernels, computing etc) and features

I don’t understand the fuss about SE tbh. I’m just comfortable with a powerful Android that has a decent camera. I don’t value camera that much to make me overlook the big bezzels and small screen. If I needed an iPhone that would last long without looking ancient I would go for the 11

There is a market for compact phones (<5.5") that have flagship specs. SE and Pixel 3a fulfill these needs and don’t break the bank


The phone is intereting for sure but i dont see the big deal about the se2 especially outside the us market. Apple may be targeting the likes of india but i heard the phone will start at $550 in India and so it may still be tricky for apple to crack the market. I admit am curious to see how well the se2 will sell, especially for guys upgrading from iphone7 or older. If it lands in our market at $400, i may be tempted to sink my teeth into the apple ecosystem

That is just apple marketing

It will sell very well. The best way to get one is have a friend from USA get it for you once the borders open up. Top phone.

I would honestly get that SE 2, Izo bezzles zinakatsia, lakini being an iPhone, iOS software updates for the next 5 years or so. That phone is something

I understand the fuss about the SE 2020, and it’s a beast, for those who prefer the older, classier iPhone look. I agree, the OnePlus 8 lost the company’s ‘flagship killer’ type of vibe, poor specs for an outrageous price. The Pro variant is really good though, and the pricing is that high partially because of how much a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chip costs, with 5G and all.
Mimi for me I haven’t loved iPhones, just some aspects of the company behind them, especially software updates for 4+ years guaranteed. But market ya izi devices outside of the US is not too good, and for me I mostly use my device to listen to music, and I stopped using apps like Deezer or Spotify because of subscription fees and what not. I like having my offline library at my fingertips, and being able to share it and all. Mambo ya kutumia laptop sijui nianze kusync my music to my iPhone ni kazi bana.
But all things aside, the device is pretty modest for its pricing, so for iPhone lovers it’s quite the thing.


If only #safaricom would bundle this with their postpaid plans

The A13 chip on the SE 2020 is underclocked.

I am in the same camp as you. I also do not particularly like these Netflix, office 365, deezer and other cloud stuff. But I find that I need 1 simple device that I can rely on for communication. iPhones are good candidates due to the security and updates.

For entertainment, I mostly rely on only digital services/ FM / TV to discover what I would like (music, books programs). Then, I make it a point to download only the things I really love (music, photos, books, movies) and leave everything else clouded. That way, when a silicon valley company decides to pull the rug under our feet, I do not get left in the dark. But I get your point