Is internet all about speed? Are we missing the bigger picture?

Recently, I sat down with some people who argued that internet is all about speed. The number of MBs you get is directly proportional to how well you use the network, how much you enjoy and should determine how much you pay.

I agreed, but only to a certain degree.

Is it all about speed?

In recent days, KOT have complained about Zuku throttling their speeds to such a rate that it was no longer fun to be on their network. We have had similar complaints about Safaricom among other players. Where I work, we have fast fibre internet courtesy of JTL but even this sometimes (very many times actually) get’s too slow or completely off and getting supoort is a nightmare.

ISP’s aware that guys just want speed, or the mere illusion of speed brag about how many MBPs they offer. What I’ve heard is that some actually mean Mega Bits Per Second and not Mega Bytes Per Second but because we are so hung-up on the idea/or illusion of speed, we buy anyway. So I ask, what of support, dedicated connection, network redundancy and quality assurance? And when a provider says 99% uptime only to be down 99% of the time, isn’t it time as Kenyans we start claiming refunds?

Speed is always measured in bits not bytes. When a provider says 5MBPs it means 5 megabits per second.

Now that that is out of the way, if we drill down further, when you subscribe to a 5MBps link, it means that when doing transfer over 2 local servers the speed will be 5. Now, you should realise that this does not work if you are streaming movies or doing most of you activities since almost all this sites will be hosted in the US or Europe. Hence due to package loss, the long distance travelled by each request your speed would drop by as much as even 70 percent to 1.5MBps.

Sometimes you can have a high connection link but the server you are downloading from cannot match their upload speeds to your download speeds hence downloads come slower yet you have a very high on paper speed

I agree with you on the JTL becoming unbearably slow. I wonder what’s up with their services!

On some other matter, Zuku transmits you passwords in plain text :confused:

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