Is Firesword VPN completely Free?

I download this app from Google Play, and used for weeks. I found it has only 6 countries
free servers to choose, I want more countries but there are no premium level entry.

I quickly learned that in this world nothing is ever free …You are either the product or the product/service is supported in other means like Mozilla with it’s foundation …

This is why I use Proton VPN, it’s free as their business model doesn’t rely on users data as they have other business ventures(ProtonMail) that can sustain them without relying on advertisers.
Here’s what to look for when choosing a trustworthy VPN that takes your privacy seriously. Also privacy apps you should consider downloading here.

Thanks. I noticed that the Firesword VPN is new player in VPN market. I think it may provide the premium level service some day.

If you’re looking for premium VPN, then go with Nord VPN.

Is there any reliable free VPN, for real… Anyone tested one?

Free and Reliable are Mutually Exclusive terms

Let’s just say one that works, on a bad day.

Try Totally Free Vpn. Uses ads to cover server costs. Works excellently, but I do not trust it much. Too good to be true

Proton VPN for your phone or and Betternet chrome extension…check my reply