Is legit and is it better than Jumia or

Is legit and is it better than Jumia or I have seen a lot of people talking about in this forum but I haven’t seen any info about I think this is a different one. Anyone who has bought from them?

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Should be one and the same…


So what is the best physical place to but a phone

My advice, walk into a Safaricom shop to buy your device for typically the “best” experience and after sales service. Other good option I’d advice but it’s not a physical store is Jumia Kenya, but be sure to double check that the device you are purchasing has that “Official Store” tag, avoid the rest since some come from merchants which can be a complete nightmare to deal with (speaking from experience). I bought a Xiaomi POCO M4 Pro four months ago from Jumia, wakaleta simu and it had a faulty OLED panel (check out green tint OLED issues), called them, simu ilikua out of stock, but they still asked and came to get the device I bought. Two weeks later, I had a replacement device, no frills or noise made.

Avechi is very legit. I have several items from them. It is very important to note that they offer only 24 hours warranty on most of their items.

This is because most of the devices they offer are not officially available in Kenya hence have no official support. Make sure you check on that. Let’s say you buy a Pixel. If anything happens just know that it’s upto you.

I usually use the official stores on Jumia when I needs genuine items.


I love dealing with a business that values communication. Customer inquiries are part of the consumer funnel model and when a business shows no interest, it losses a potential customer on the spot.

If I ever own a business with large scale operations, I will surely go undercover to see how my employees engage with customers.

@wizmelavin still waiting on you bro to come to the rescue. I hope it’s not Phoneplacekenya.


It was just a guy I met in town. Avechi is very straightforward. They are also very good at communication. They also reply pale whatsapp. They have told me for years that they do not offer a warranty on foreign devices. their warranty lasts for 24 hours. It is the main reason I did not buy the Pixel 6A, which is currently only 47k on their site.