iPhone's new E-SIM Card

Apple has introduced a technology called eSIM into its latest iPhones whereby the phones have dual-SIM capabilities but one is via a traditional physical SIM card (the phone has only one SIM Slot) and the other is an eSIM or embedded SIM. The technology allows users to change carriers without having to order a new SIM card or go to a shop. Instead, they could just sign up digitally.
Apple’s move with the eSIM is likely to worry mobile carriers because it allows users to switch providers quickly and frequently, heating up competition in what is a tough market for many operators.

Pixel 2 beat iPhone to it.

Na watu wa wazua wako wengi hapa :money_mouth_face: @Alfy

While it’s true that the 2017 pixel 2 was the first phone to have an e-sim, apple is in a unique position to push further adoption due to their sheer scale.
Apple might be selling the vision of just changing carriers by just toggling a button but I don’t think carriers will make it that easy. Especially in the US where most devices are bought through monthly plans that tie you to a device until it’s paid off.

Personally, I believe a physical sim is much better. I can just remove it and put it in a new device at any time, with an e-sim you have to rely on your carrier to switch over your line to a new device and be at their mercy depending on the bureaucracy they decide to put you through for a ‘digital’ solution. But since it’s an additional sim slot it might be okay since your primary line will be the physical one and you can put your secondary line in the e-sim. Going forward I predict more and more devices will come with such a hybrid sim setup especially since arm also has their own embedded sim called an iSim that they can be built into the processor.

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Me too but my wish is we be allowed to switch carriers by just dialing a USSD Code then told to press 1 for Airtel, 2 for Safaricom, 3 for Orange and so on as long as you already registered in all