iPhone Prices Kenya

It’s funny how new iPhone releases do not seem to affect the older iPhone prices, especially in Kenya. Now that 11 is out, I am thinking of getting an iPhone as a second device. I do not want something super old or even super new (7-Xses).

Looking at gadgetworld almost gave me a heart attack, iPhone 8 (63k 64gb). Mind you, gadgetworld tries to be fair in pricing. I am sure Elite Digital and Saruk will slap another 5-10k on that.

Which Kenyan shop has the best deals for new iPhones and which ones for excellent refurbs?

If you don’t mind the large bezels in this age, just go for 8. But wait for prices to drop, Apple dealers in Kenya are not operated directly by Apple, the reason international prices are not reflected locally.

I know you saw this coming😁, but if you need power and can’t afford XS or 11/pro, go for S8 or S9 for around 36k-50k.

I already have a powerful android phone. However, I am developing ios apps and having one of their latest devices will help in testing. I am just looking for a reputable iphone seller in Kenya, so far Avechi has caught my eye. For instance, a brand new white iPhone xr costs 102,000 on Jumia. Compare that with 77,000 on Avechi ! any better recommendations? Anywhere I can pick up a new iPhone xr for 70k?

iPhone 6S and later will get iOS 13… you can use a simulator to test apps or just get 6s/7 for testing. Otherwise 70k is the least price ya XR in Kenya imo.

I will go for 6 or 7 if I have no other choice. However, you mention 70k as the base price for iphone xr in Kenya. Any shops you know that sell at 70.?

Considering Phones & tablets Kenya sell it for 75k, am sure kuna shops tao zinauza na 70… Ni kutembea tu utafanya ukisaka.

Just asking are there fake iphones out there, not those running android, a fake with real iOS? I would hate to buy one and get a clone.

:rofl::rofl: I don’t know, but I am confident there’s no fake iPhone out there running iOS. However, I would like to know about it too… if it exists.

There’s this guy on Instagram. Great prices on new and used iPhones. Check him out :hugs: Titanium Phones

Redington are huge distributors of iphones in Kenya, I remember them selling iPhone 6 for 40k recently and I understand the sales were quite huge.

Does one have to go to their offices at Westlands physicallly to purchase goods? …I can’t seem to find any online retail front for their products …

Its 35k on Jumia…
Edit: iPhone 6s plus 64GB that is…

check out priceinkenya.com

ngoja ifike kitu October when they’ll be a proliferation of the 11 and 11 pro. zitashuka.

An observation I have made, is that when Safaricom alters its prices, Moi Avenue resellers quickly adapt. MInd you, some of those sold in the streets are “Certified refurbished” being passed as new. They work well. I think they source from Foxconn.

In identifying refurb vs new … From this base you can dig dipper to find out if the device has ever been activated

Look for the first character of the model identifier to determine if this device is new, refurbished, replacement or personalized:

  • M — This is a retail device that was purchased brand new.
  • F — This device was used before, but has undergone Apple’s certified refurbishment to make it “like new”. Beware of refurbished iPhones and iPads that untrustworthy sellers offer at full price as brand new devices.
  • N — The owner received this device through an Apple service request as a replacement for their originally purchased unit.
  • P — This is a new retail device that was ordered online and personalized with Apple’s custom laser engraving option at checkout.

This is interesting. Thank you.