Iphone 13 and Apple Watch 7 series

Thoughts and motivation to buy the new phone and watch rolled out by Apple? Is anyone opting for the new tech?

I love all the products from Apple.

Love all apple products specially MacBook.

The famous “incremental improvement” iPhone. Always skip one year after a major iPhone launch. X was great (also skip the XR/XS), 11 was meh, 12 was also great, skip the 13 I say.

Apple does this very well.

The only tech this year to target should you need one is the iPad mini

The 13 Pro Max is Apple’s battery champion to date. Exceptional battery life, check out MrWhoseTheBoss on YouTube do a battery test. Apart from that, the 120Hz RR that has been on Androids since time immemorial at this point is the only other “new update”.

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you can read Bloomberg’s detailed review on google about iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7 series.
He had shared his point of view about

  1. design
  2. charging
  3. A15 Processor
  4. LTPO Display
  5. satellite features etc.
    hope it’ll help you to decide.

Amazon and Apple.com lists the iphone 13 pro 128gb at $999.
Every Kenyan shop has it at minimum sh150,000.

My question, how much will importing via Vitumob or Kentex add on top of $999?

Are iphones tariffed higher ama ni ulafi ya Kenyans?

(fun fact, one Kenyan shop posted iphone 13 pro max 512gb at sh300,000)

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Customs + Transport = 40-50% the cost of the item. Then as a business you place a margin of 20-30% as the item is hard to get anywhere else …

Best thing to do is to have family or friends coming for holidays/Weddings/Funerals (Social events) etc buy and bring you the device.

Wow, so it’s like these shops are manufacturing these gadgets. Do you have any experience importing a laptop or phone via these Vitumob and the like. How much did you add

Bro, just jump in with two feet! I too was intensely hesitant to try out importing but one day I said kama mbaya mbaya :slight_smile:

Best thing to do as your first item, buy a small or cheap item just to get the jist, the shipping may be a bit expensive for a small item but ni sawa tu. It seems you already know the services to use thus just do it