iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max Discussion

The iPhone 12 is here, dramatic shift in design back to the iPhone 4 design, something many seem to appreciate, amazing chips inside, OLED, USB Type C, Magsafe, a future of more attention at wireless connections and lack of charger in the box. All these are up for discussion, what do you think about the new iPhones?

I’ve never been a big fan of the iPhone but my oh my, I think they nailed this one. For starters they built some gorgeous pieces of metal there, you gotta give it to them. And the fact that iPhones are nolonger the most expensive smartphones in the market is a smart move. I mean the pricing of the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Mini is kinda really attractive.

Even though they have held back on the 5G hypetrain, its great to know that when they finally did it, they support it on all the iPhones and that they all support mmWave.

Also thank God they finally slapped OLED on all the iPhones and with higher resolution, this had been bugging me a lot.

The part about removing the charger out of the box doesn’t really work for me. What happens to those people who want to enter the Apple ecosystem using the iPhone 12 series? They gotta buy separate cable and adapter? Not cool. But they said it’s for reducing carbon footprint so I’ll give them a pass.

Also, they really should get rid of that ugly notch. And also, their reason for not putting a high refresh rate on the new iPhones was kinda dumb though considering they couldn’t shut up about their 10-bit HDR Dolby Vision live image processing.

Personally I am a big fan of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, they offer so much for solid price. I am not particularly interested in the pro devices.

I think only people with the iPhone 8 and below should upgrade to the new iPhones. Apple is bringing in these attractive prices to get people into their ecosystem after which they can charge subscription services because that’s where money will come from this next decade.

Phone connector is still lightning … you get the phone and USB C to Lightning cable in the box and nothing else …

Good that OLED is no longer a preserve for “pro’s” but No faster display refresh (90 or 120Hz) …hoped for a bigger battery but with the “more slim” push not so positive …

I watch most apple launches, but personally I would not be comfortable spending 70k + taxes + vendor profits for the smallest iPhone, I envy the phones but I will watch from a distance until such a time I can comfortably afford one.
For the price of the mini what and how many decent androids can I buy in kenya?
Apple is a great company.

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This is the thing, you will get carried away by the hype of the day to the point you will forget your priorities, and feel like you are missing out. I get those moments often, but my wallet nudges me back to reality and I move on.


The latest iPhones are really quite something. I was almost making a decision to get one - and finally, cross over to Apple’s ecosystem - but I was not impressed enough. The lack of the 120hz display means this is not the next-level iPhone for Apple. I am a strong believer that once in a while these phone companies come up with new designs and concepts that they ride on for a couple of years with minor increments. Samsung did that with the Galaxy S7 edge and I think Apple will do that with iPhone 13. So, I will just ride on my Samsung Note until next year when we get then next iPhone.

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