Ipad Mini but with Windows OS

Guys, I am looking for a 7 or 8-inch windows tablet. I hate carrying my laptop around but cannot do without office 365. I own a hp stream 7, it is total garbage. Very poor battery, very heavy, very low RAM (1GB), and very low storage (32gb). Someone direct me to a good light windows tablet.

It should be less than 300grams, have an all-day battery of moderate use, be bright outdoors, not less than 3gb ram, and not less than 64gb storage. I don’t care about keyboard or stylus.

Budget less than 30k

If you want a device that combines the portability of a tablet with the power, flexibility, and full-size keyboard of a laptop, there’s no perfect solution. Apple’s 11-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation) is the best choice for most creative work, but it’s not as versatile as a laptop. And the Lenovo ThinkPad X12 Detachable —which we like more than Microsoft’s current Surface Pro—is a better choice if you tend to work with documents, spreadsheets, and databases, or if you want to hook up an extra monitor, but it has fewer finger- and stylus-friendly tablet apps.
But these both are expensive as these are not of price 30k.

Hapo ni Ipad tu. I have an Ipad Mini and it works well for such purposes. It is only good for viewing not editing.

I hate big tablets. By big I mean more than 8.5inches. I use an iPhone and hate IOS. I started with wanting a 7/8 inch windows tablet, nikakosa.

Haidhuru, I asked about android tabs on reddit, still nothing. Ivan Kam, a youtuber recommended to me Galaxy Tab Active 3. It is powerful, has a pen, and is 8 inches. It has its shortcomings like poor speakers and is too rugged.

Android and Windows are really the poor man’s devices. None of the companies that make the software or hardware care about the platforms. I am starting to warm up to IOS despite my hatred of the Apple ecosystem. I am beginning to see why celebrities hired by Android oems “accidently” tweet the promotions using iphones.

I am beyond frustrated since I want to stop a carrying around a laptop when meeting clients. To me any tablet bigger than 9 inches makes no sense to carry around when my lenovo yoga 14 inches is so light (but big enough to warrant a laptop bag)

I will probably import an iPad mini 6, another leg in the walled garden

I will visit one of the shops in town and get a feel for the s6 lite. If the size is not too bad, it will save me from the Apple world

In my opinion, Apple products work really well in work situations so it would not be very bad.

Very strange use case. With such applications wouldn’t you want more screen real estate?

Indication you won’t be producing/inputting but rather consuming? For “office” applications lack of a keyboard will seriously hamper your productivity …

Just like the smart watch category with #Apple watch there is nothing else (of significance) in the tablet space other than #Apple. Heck even older folks generalise tablets as #iPads.

#Xiaomi has released their first tablet (Mi Pad 5 ), Lenovo, TCL and Realme also have new products but I don’t see an upset …

I see your point but thumb typing is very easy and fast on small tablets. I spend most of my work time infront of a laptop. Sometimes I need to go to coffee house to break monotony but get something done. That’s where ms office on a small screen comes in.

Like I said earlier, other than Apple none of the other software and hardware companies really care much about their products. Samsung looked promising for a few years, but I feel they are dropping the ball.

I am coming to the realization that someone who earns a living using computers should prioritize Apple products. It’s the only tech company committed to long term productivity. This would also explain why it offers software support for 6 years (iphone 6) and refuses to flood the market with products (ipad and iMac release cycles).

The only gripe I have with Apple is greed and locking features down.

The gripes I have with other tech companies
-greed (refusal to update software for many years so you buy their tech the way you buy groceries) cough cough transsion holdings cough cough
-disregard for quality technology (half-baked software, half-baked hardware)
-waiting for Apple to do something so that they can haphazardly create knockoffs (Apple Watch, custom chip, the notch).

I agree with what this lady has said here. You’ll have to compromise something.