Investing in a gaming hub

I am asking this for my buddy (for real). He wants to invest in a gaming Hub in an urbanish part of Nakuru. He knows nothing about gaming (like I do) and this is supposed to be a preliminary inquiry into the ideas feasibility. So to you fellow tech-heads, what gaming hardware should he be looking at? I know people play FIFA a lot (my neighbour kwanza) and so this is the line of gaming we are looking at. If i can approximate it is a space that can hold 10 people at a go. And what do they charge you when you go playing those games? (I also need to see the cost-benefit fall into place - return rate kinda stuff). Please help.

Wesh, as a gaming enthusiast who also runs a gaming hub, I have to say, this is a great investment. You need a couple of game console types, the most popular being the PS4. You could also have the XBox 360 in there. Each of these consoles goes for about 40K. On average, you want to get started with about 3-4 gaming consoles. Don’t forget to purchase extra gaming pads, each of which goes for about Kshs. 2,500. You also need plenty of games, most popular being action games like Call of Duty and of course, FIFA. Fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Capcom games are also popular. Each of these games, for chipped machines, goes for about 2K.


@Jeff_ come share your wisdom here.

Its been almost five months now. This was good advise. Big up Davgit.

So did your friend set it up? How is it doing? What did he end up charging?

Yes he did. Bought two ps4 and two screens and a couple of games. 40 bob a game and so far i think I will invest in this too.