Introducing intel core i9

intel is introducing intel core i9 by next year…so much for i7s…computer tech is really hard to keep up with…everything is rapidly changing from HDD, RAMS, ALL BOARDS, the list is just endless

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I still have a 3rd GEN Core i5. :sweat:

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When I reached Core i5 I stopped feeling the pressure to get a more powerful processor, being on the latest or second latest generation of Core i5 is good enough for me. In fact I don’t look for Core i7 when planning for the next laptop. As long as other specs (RAM, read speed, faster wireless card, better design, battery life and display quality) are an upgrade. Storage just needs to be a base of 256 and we’re good.

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I also have a 3rd gen core i5 HP Probook laptop and i’m pretty much satisfied with it. The only thing i can change in future maybe is the parts, say an SDD in place of my current HDD. That is if the bigger SDDs become more affordable with time.

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Well I still have a AMD athlon processor and it works just fine :smiley:., btw IBM also launched the first quantum processor a while back and its yet to get to commercial production. Tech is really changing rapidly

But just for the heads up, I’ve come to realize processing power and speed is really essential. Especially when using demanding software…core i3 won’t fully support everything core i5, i7 and i9…being one step backwards in tech means having one more disadvantage…


I’ve had my Lenovo E540 4th Gen i3 for 3 years and it’s been pretty good even with my heavy workloads. The only upgrade I had was doubling RAM from 4 to 8. My next upgrade would be either 7th or 8th Gen i5. I don’t see the need for i7 at this time.

Agreed, this mostly depends on what you use your computer for. If I was a graphic designer or any other form of creative I’d have already needed to move up.

Do these make any difference? I use heavy ArchiCAD, AutoCad, 3dmax and maya softwares, my old hp Pavilion g6 with i5, 8gb ram is faster and more reliable than my new lenovo i7 with 16gb ram beats me.

Does it have a dedicated graphics card? Nvidia

Yeah but it’s 4GB AMD

Unless one is a serious gamer,graphics designer,bitcoin miner or mad scientist doing calculations,core i5 is good enough for general purposes uses.

According to Linus, Intel Core i9 was introduced in reaction AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper, and it’s making consumers angry.

This i9 sounds like a reaction to AMD’s Ryzen,mostly targeting high end gamers and enthusiasts…Core i7 should do as long as one has a good Nvidia or AMD GPU alongside esp for the casual gamer or power user.