Internet is fast but sluggish when tethering - Telkom Help

I have been experiencing this problem for a while now. My Telkom internet is very fast judging by the speed tests and browsing on my phone. I get over 20mbps down. That means the speeds are so good.

However, here is the problem. When I tether the connection to my PCs and do a speed test, the speeds remain the same as mentioned above but when it comes to browsing on the PC, it is so sluggish when loading pages. Strange enough, downloads are super fast on the PC.

I thought it’s my PC browsers, but when I tether Safaricom internet, which gives me half the speeds Telkom is giving me, I do not experience any sluggishness of loading pages when browsing on the PC.

How do I resolve this problem.

First thing would be to uninstall and re-install your browser. If the problem persists, make sure to check for unwanted extensions on your browser and uninstall them.

Even better, you can install Malwarebytes and clean your pc and then restart.If the problem still persists , then try setting the DNS to default google and .

If after this you still have the problem , then for sure I cannot help

It affects all browsers. Some of them don’t have extensions like Firefox and Opera.

Let me give these a try. Thanks

Yesterday my dad got a Telkom Mifi outer from redeeming Ziada points. Line came with 10GB preloaded and the speeds were terrifyingly slow compared to what I get on my line on my phone. You could be on to something

Exactly. Try downloading and you’ll notice that the speeds are great same as what you’re experiencing on the phone. Unashindwa what’s up.

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Have tried the good old usb tethering, had the same issue last month on wireless tether but usb tether works just fine.

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So tuseme they might be throttling when sharing internet with other devices

I forgot to mention. Yes when you USB tether it works great. Sasa nashindwa whats up.

Not really. they should be happy juu hapo bundles zinaenda kuenda. Pia kama ni that download speeds should be throttled too.

Meeen you’ve helped me resolve one problem. My PC’s fan would go haywire whenever I connect to the internet. Kumbe mtu ana chew tu ma bitcoins moss moss pahali.

After the restart the fan is not even running kama kitambo. That thing ilianza like 2 years ago. Thanks man.


Can’t believe it’s actually worked on my side too, nimepata like 21 threats and after restarting speeds are ok… Let me see if it will still maintain during this weekend

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Thought I should also mention this, nimeswitch APN setting from “Telkom” to “Orange Kenya” and I think pia this one might have helped though not sure



Current Speedtests:

It’s not much but better than the 200kbps I was getting before and also judging from the upload speeds I think pia there’s high usage in my area at this night hour so will keep testing over the weekend

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Observing too. The PC is so so silent. Yaani the fan is not running at all. That is how it used to behave when it was brand new 5 years ago.

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Sasa hii Malwarebytes wapi tutapata na bei ya mkulima mdogo?

:joy::joy: acha tutatafuta ka kuna ujanja

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Set the Wifi Connection from non-metered to metered connection. Click on the wifi name, then right click on it to view these options.

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