Internet Download Manager (IDM) and MKV files

How do you configure IDM (Internet download manager) not to download youtube videos on MKV format? Am using both google chrome and Fire fox browsers.IDM

Downloads > Options > file types. See if mkv is present, if not, just add it and save.

He is asking how not to Download MKV Files. Your answer is more or less how to… Though it’s almost the same thing… I dont have IDM but I guess this should be as simple as unselecting MKV from file types under Downloads > Options > File Types

Yes, I missed the *not. The procedure is the same, then delete mkv from the file types.

I have .MKV deselescted, but still IDM forces me to download youtube videos in MKV format! See attached screenshot.

I have .MKV deselescted, but still IDM forces me to download youtube videos in MKV format! See attached screenshot.

Not sure how to go around this. If I may ask, why don’t you like mkv? I know the file type doesn’t play well with video apps like VLC. Is there any other reason you don’t want to associate with mkv?

you are going to have to use a third party website that lets you paste youtube links to download them. its more of a youtube issue than idm

That’s another solution. The problem with third party sites is that you don’t get anything past 1080p. Sometime it’s 720p.

If you want MP4 then use the Free Download Manager.

Even better use Videoder application on android. Add all the videos you want to download to a playlist and then download them all at once.

Get Youtube-dl

It needs some command prompt skills but gives you maximum control when downloading any video. It even lets you download best possible quality (audio) and combine with best possible quality (video) in any format you like.

The options above are for this video

As far as I know, YouTube-dl is the only option that does not compress media

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For me, I’d advise you to download the videos on Android. Then you can copy them to your PC. Plenty of apps to use, but I personally prefer SnapTube for Android. Google it’s apk package and use that.

why would you not want mkv format? most devices handle mkv quite well unless you are playing them on some old tv, if you want mp4 do as Frank said, use snaptube but you will have to stick to 1080p as higher resolutions usually get saved in webm format

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What do you mean does not compress…? it only dowloads what youtube allows it to, and as far as I’m concerned all videos are compressed by Youtube to VP9 and AVC files. An MKV or MP4 container doesn’t mean the codec is lossless. VP9 is just an open source competitor to HEVC, but soon AV1 will rule them all.

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My samsung smart TV doesn’t play MKV files. OTA software update shows the TV has the latest software.

how old is your tv since samsung site shows tv from 2015 support mkv and webm

Yeah, mine plays MKV no issue. I don’t think the problem is the container but the codec.

It has already been mentioned but will reinforce. Give youtube-dl a try and you’ll wonder why you ever used IDM. The options available are unmatched.

Youtube-dl is also “forced” by youtube to download videos as MKV. See attached screenshot.

I’ll check the manf. date.