Interesting KODI add-ons

Apart from exodus, which other interesting KODI add-ons do you know of? Football perhaps? Kindly share

Get the adrian sports addon,very reliable with football streams

IPTV Stalker Plus. Its a paid add-on but its the king of underground IPTV. I have some credits if you want to try it.

Once i get home from work i will definitely try those two then get back to you

Check out SEO Michael he has a lot of them

There is no search bar/box on that site.

Wait, they removed it plus everything that relates to addons. Everything was there last Friday, March 3rd. Maybe something to do with the UK is cracking down on Kodi boxes and illegal addons.

They are still available via his Facebook page.

Yep,UK are cracking down hard on Kodi and addons

Thanks for that football addon, currently watching Napoli vs Real Madrid Match

That’s safaricom you are using?

Yes, Safaricom FTTH silver package

ShAaNiG, a KODI streaming content source has shut down according to their Home Page. They give no reason for this, leaving users to speculate it was either a raid or threat of legal action that shut them down.

TorrentFreak & Reddit readers also don’t know what’s going on one of the most popular libraries for add-ons on Kodi has mysteriously shut down without warning. The library has been involved in a legal battle with a US broadcast provider Dish Network, with threats of fines of up to $150,000.

The end times have begun

Just out of curiosity i decided open KODI on my laptop (i haven’t clicked on the icon in ages) and apparently it still works

which addon is this on?

halow tv, add to get it

halow tv is working again i see,let me try it out…

Add stremio. It’s like KODI.

maze halow tv is just shit,its not been working on my kodi