Instant Hot Shower-Head Problems

Thanks, I may have to pay them a visit.

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All shower heads come with a tiny water pressure regulator cap in the package. You have to place it inside the water pipe before screwing in the shower head. The regulator is a small plastic cap with a hole punched in the middle. Most people tend to ignore it when installing shower heads which is normal but in your case use it for it was created for such scenarios.


I agree. Most have pressure regulator caps… I know Enerbras comes with one.

I saw it and tried to use it on the spoiled shower heads.
Seems their valves are completely dead.
For the new one I have used the reducer hope it lives longer.

Also found out that most of the shower heads are rated at 4bar Max, they advise using the regulator for pressures above that.

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How much does this one cost? Enerbras…

Got mine from Shopmerix at Kshs. 2,499

Shower head yangu it’s a must I keep turning it to have that hot water na ilikuwa inatoa sounds… So recently I opened it na one of the plating imeungua… Can the others still work au I need to buy a new shower head.its a 4T

One could work depending on how they are connected to power. If it’s the one in the highest setting that’s blown, others can work. However, if the middle is blown, replace the elements. In most cases they’re connected in series, so the higher settings depend on lower ones

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Quick question,

Does leaving the shower switch in the on position draw any power? Or does it end up burning something (like the ka small red led light)?

My current shower switch has an issue but I know replacing it will take sometime because it’s a unique looking switch and also because landlord/caretaker.

So I wanna replace only if I have no other options left.

The Filament died 2 Months later…

Short answer is No it does not.

Hot water shower heads have concave rubber diaphragms that complete or break the circuit by expanding or contracting whenever water is turned on or off.

Just replace it chances are its internals were melting with usage over time which happens but rarely so, i replaced mine in April this year and things are back to normal. Nothing to do with the shower head. Just make sure the switch has higher Amperage. Usinunue Supermarket. (They sell 20Amp switches which is pretty low for a shower switch, look for 32Amp switch and above)

Good man!

Could these low amp switches be the reason why it is recommended that you turn on the water first before flipping that switch on?

Generally it’s good practice to turn on the water first, wait abit, flip on the switch, wait abit, extend your hand in the shower before finally getting your whole body wet whether you have a recommended or substandard switch.

The reason behind it isn’t only about the switch but other factors that overall affect the longevity of your showerhead i.e. giving the rubber diaphragm ample time to close the circuit, wait out air pockets in the shower water pipe to clear, gauging the water flow/pressure produced, checking for clogged showerhead pores, check for leakages, electrical sparks, unusual sounds etc.

Navile I have jumped on the 4T. been barely a month but so far so good. Started off with the heating filament detaching from the contacts, had to open up and secure again for both showers. let me see how it progresses.