Instant Hot Shower-Head Problems

  1. Check if one of your elements is burnt.
  2. Both contact points do not touch at the same time when the switch is in place, It usually covers one contact point to let the other one touch. check whether this is the position with yours

First it’s either your water pressure is too low. Or
The terminal for ‘hot’ is being pressed as you fix the cap.

Any info on this model? Seems to be an ‘upgrade’ on their Ducha 4T

It’s not an upgrade over the 4T as it has 3 modes and doesn’t consume a lot of power, quite normal in shower head circles

Maybe not upgrade perse hence the quotes., Just that it’s a newer model and from the sticker on right has a more durable element.
Also on asking at Carrefour was told it’s rated for salty water as well which I haven’t noted from this thread as being something Lorenzetti has.

So my question is, given the issue I’ve seen guys here say about Fame heaters having issues with parts for replacement, now that this is a Lorenzetti one for Salt water;

  1. Is it good? (from one who might have one)
    And 2. Does it now make this one a better (safer) buy?

i recently bought this showerhead on jumia for ksh 3,000 after experiencing how good it was at a friend’s house,i am working on mounting it at the end of the month,any thoughts or experiences you guys have had with it? i.e power consumption,water usage e.t.c

I’ve been using this exact model for 2 years now (since you guys created this thread) and I can say it’s great. It’s 4T but the sweetspot will be 3rd set, fourth is too hot, 2nd… maybe kama umetoka gym. It’s rated 8kW but I didn’t notice any significant jump in power consumption like I did with induction cooker or fridge. Has been in use almost everyday (in many cases twice a day) but with fresh water.

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