Installing an m.2 ssd(stripped screw)

Hi. I want to install an m.2 ssd but the screw that holds the ssd in place is damaged(no threads). So I cant get it out. I tried using a long nose pliers but it won’t come off. I am also afraid I might hit something on motherboard. Anyone know a good repair shop? Thanks.

I’d try the suggestions in the guide I’ve linked to.

I’ll try some of these. Thank you.

Ouch! this happened to me on a desktop motherboard. Luckily, the board had 2 slots. I just left the drive in there and used the 2nd slot. It seems like all these screws are cheaply made.

Update. The screw was removed and SSD installed. Damage: KES 300 (labour plus new screw)

I know this is not the ideal way, but try using a zip tie to hold it still.

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