Innjoo Fire Plus 3G Screen

So I have this phone and the screen is broken on the top right corner. I’ve been looking for a screen replacement, including from Innjoo themselves in town but with no success so far. Anyone who knows someone who can help find the screen?

I had a bad experience with phone repair, now my philosophy is buy a new one when it breaks.

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There a shop at Visions plaza ground floor on you left as you enter Computer Planet Limited . They are one of the main distributors of the phone and its accessories. They have the screen for around 5k.

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I had gone to vision plaza before and I looked for their offices on the wrong floor. I first went to the first floor then the second but I Ignored the ground floor. I will go check it out tomorrow.
Thank you.

Ouch! That looks like it could cut your finger if you touched it wrong. When you replace the screen make sure you put a tempered glass screen protector on it. Trust me, the approx. 1 - 1.5K you’ll spend is definitely gonna save you some money further down the road. Always put a glass screen protector on even if you’re rocking Gorilla Glass 5 (It not scratch-proof and will crack if hit by something hard enough.)

Glass protectors are ugly and add bulk to the device.

Then again, it depends on which phone one is using. I can’t use a screen protector on my device(s). Getting an insurance is a better option, but that’s just me.

I knew I stepped on some toes with that post :joy::joy: Anyways, if it’s your phone you do whatever you want with it. I was just saying what I do but not imposing on anybody. I hate screen protectors too but I have to use them because my Gorilla Glass 3 does scratch. It got only two hairline scratches but they are noticeable as hell because of how smooth the rest of the screen is. I had to stick a protector on it to prevent further scratching. My phone is 2 months old and I’d like to have it for a bit.

Wewe screen protector ni lazima especially for some of us whose phones (Sony Xperias) have glass on both sides (front and back). We have to buy Twin Pack tempered glass screen protectors to apply on both sides and on top of that get Slim Armour rubber casings, na sio zile za nylon za 50bob. I’ve had my phone fall a couple of times and its the tempered glass that gets shattered not the phone screen, replacing it is easy. Xperia phones are not that easy to find fix shops let alone their spare parts, plus their repair price is no joke. Mambo ya insurance hapana.

Your phone must feel like a weapon then.

I had an Xperia. Three actually and only one broke the screen, which I replaced but that replacement was a joke, it broke again so I bought another phone.

I am the kind of person who believes in the beauty of a device. With the way you’ve armoured your phone, it’s like buying a Mercedes Benz E Class then adding a bullbar on it.

Enjoy your phone naked, it feels good. There’s a reason why people don’t have sex with clothes on (apologies for the crude analogy but it drives the point home)