Ingenious technology

Hey, in my walks in some town in this country, I have realized there are various ways guys make life better in their rudimentary settings.

Here’s one that perplexes me most:

The street-kids in Nairobi will be in the morning seen making/boiling tea in a plastic container. How they manage to do this is beyond me as of now.

Anyone with an explanation as to why or how this happens?

Moreover, what form of "technology"have you seen that perplexes you?

You mean being able to boil liquids in a polythene bag on top of a flame? Who was your science teacher?
That’s an experiment you should go do on your own, fill up a plastic bag with water and light a fire underneath it. Learn something new.

Everyone did that in science class… Even our school watchman used to make tea using plastic bags.

Don’t they melt? :confused:

we didn’t… and I think yáll playing with me.

Haiya Google is your friend.

You can even go ahead and make food.

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Most Kenyan innovations come out of need and hunger to solve an issue. Like the way people in slums put bottles filled with water on their roofs to light up their place.

I am amazed by connectify…they have developed connectify hotspot and dispatch as well as connectify max,these tools transform a computer with wifi capability into a wifi hotspot and/or repeater.I have seen people use it to extend the range and strength of wireless networks as well as create wifi networks for use in areas without wifi coverage.

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I love connectify, it comes in handy in many instances

Guy connectify have done it again…check out Speedify Mobile for android and iOS,does internet bonding for mobile devices and offers redundancy between wifi and cellular coverage.Also there is an app and wifi sharing community called instabridge,available for android and iOS.Allows one to access wifi hotspots automatically in a very simple manner while allowing users to add more hotspots/crowdsource them.

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