Infinix reportedly serving ads on their devices' lockscreen

You were onto something Peter. See this now.

Okay, this may end up needing a different topic about Facebook and their evil ways.

Yeah, it was probably locked. Tried it once and gave up on it.

Reverted to using a custom recovery to flash the file.

Nothing surprises me about advertising companies and how far they will go to push targeted ads. Do you find it strange that Jen Lewis is holding an empty glass in the picture that she says she took of her current outfit. It’s like she made an effort to make her picture look like the one on the ad. Her tweet itself could actually be a marketing stunt.

The funny thing is that I do not block ads. Neither do I use tracking protection. I understand that a huge percentage of the websites that exist on the open web rely on advertising revenue to cover their operating costs. Since most of the information I use from the Internet comes from such websites, it is inconsiderate to block their ads. I am also not a supporter of blanket ad blocking because of this reason.

Currently the only time I actively block ads is when a website consistently redirects me to those premium subscription services that cause people to keep calling customer care to find out where their money is going. Those are very few hence I simply use a browser with built-in ad blocking like Opera to visit them. The rest of the time I allow ads to load.

My adblock is always on by default and only deactivated when I want to support a specific site.

And speaking about blocking ads, I had disabled my adblock on this forum but the posts would not load sometimes (Ads would load just fine).

Re-enabled it again and I have not had to refresh a single post.

paging @martingicheru

Blocking ads is a threat to net neutrality. More and more websites particularly from the US are starting to geo fence access to their sites. Some news websites are setting limits to how many articles you can read per month. Eventually, we might be seeing sites aggressively pushing paid subscription. Whichever way you choose to view ad blocking, it is detrimental to the general well-being of the web.

I haven’t had any such problem with the forum site.

What browser is this? I don’t use adblock at all and I haven’t had an issue whatsoever.

Online advertising is fundamentally broken by the very fact a handful of tech giants (Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple) make majority of the profits; nevermind issues with privacy, security and UX. Shifting the blame to ad blocking ignores the actual problem.

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Loading all techweez sites with ad block on is a prblm its only that @martingicheru wont accept this here he knows where the problem lies.


I will test it again. Maybe it was the old issue from a few months ago,

Actually, I’d like you to share your theory. We have not factored in adblock anywhere in our design.