Infinix Note 4, Note 4 Pro, What do they got?

Hey team! I started this forum because the Infinix Note 4 just launched, and it’s available for sale online, although they are not yet delivering to people yet. I don’t think we need an introduction to the device, do we?

On top of that, there is the Infinix Note 4 Pro that’s also coming hot on the Note 4’s heels, and it has a beefier specs sheet, and with their entry, these are devices one can’t ignore. They have made a mark in Kenya’s smartphone industry especially the part where they brought prices down foe the mass market smartphone buyer.

What are your sentiments on the two devices?

For starters, I’m glad that they have managed to maintain their pricing within the 15K mark for the fourth time in a row. Secondly, I’m glad they have managed to downsize it to a 5.7 inch canvas because 6.0 was weirdly giant-ish. Obvious hardware revamps from official product images, esp on the outside, are welcome, in addition to the front fingerprint scanner.
However, they probably have not upgraded its horsepower. I know it costs only KES 14000 but I do not understand why they keep remixing its CPU. Users would pay a premium if they slapped it with a more capable chip and more digital-hoarding room because 16GB is what it is, paltry.
Otherwise, Infinix knows who its market is, and it is probably why they have been, as younglings would put it, slaying the budget market.

It is a decision they have to make to keep the price low. Newer processors, whether MTK or MSM are not cheap. Infinix product managers have realized as long as they do not indicate which processor it is and just advertise it as QuadCore, users do not question it. But they have to upgrade things like displays, batteries, RAM and Camera, thus the processor is sacrificed.

These specs are so 2015. Do any of these have gorilla glass?

Nope. None of them is protected .

Great! Yet another Infinix that’ll turn into a fancy Wi-Fi Hotspot once the screen breaks because replacing it alone costs almost half of its retail value!

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For these Chinese knock offs I stopped looking at the specs sheet. Kwanza Infinix, I can go with Tecno but not Infinix.

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Do any of these have gorilla glass?

At least I know some Tecnos do come with Gorilla Glass protection and high end Super Amoled displays.

Infinix do have DragonTrail Glass that is nothing special other than the glass screen protectors we use. Sony once used DragonTrail on some Xperia models but not sure if they still use them due to issues that deal with durability.

Yeah, dragontrail also used to break for no reason. I saw many reports by Xperia Z users of screens developing cracks even while in the pocket. The photos supported the claims because they were hairline cracks with no sign of impact where the cracks began. I recall that Asahi is the company behind dragontrail and Sony uses its glass to support the local economy. At least it offers some protection instead of plain glass. I think the few cases were mere chance. Some people theorized that heating the screen to bond it with the chassis weakened it but Sony made no official comments - they just let the storm boil over but people who went to stores for warranty claims were accepted and their phones repaired. I liked that Sony gave such customers phones to use as their Xperia Z’s were being repaired.

Coming back to Infinix, I think they have too little money to spare on fulfilling warranties. The lack of screen protection favors them because you can’t claim warranty on a broken screen.

Good phones with 5inch or less screens are getting hard to come by, I the note four for my small bro, and somehow even with the 2GB ram it seemed laggy compared to my 2.5 years old lenovo A6000 with 1GB ram, the photos didn’t also compare, but the battery is very good, sadly I will never get any phone larger than 5inch, my choices are getting thinner but with the bezel less phones coming up I might get one with same footprint but larger screen.

Bigger screens are important to most consumers hence companies are responding with more of them. There are some companies that still make 5" and smaller screens but at that size you have to sacrifice some performance because the best SoCs are put in bigger, high-end phones. I understand Sony has many phones below 5" but they’re in the low-mid tier. Almost all flagship phones today pack 5.5" at least.

Bezel-less phones might be your answer if you must keep size small so wait for them to become a thing.

There’s really no difference between the two companies. [quote=“deewinc, post:8, topic:1464”]
some Tecnos do come with Gorilla Glass protection and high end Super Amoled displays.

Recent Phantom devices, Phantom 6/6+ have AMOLED displays and Gorilla Glass protection. No other line of TECNO devices has such.

On which Infinix device?

SoS help needed my music whether SoundCloud, tunein radio or just music just stops when I open chrome, so annoying, is it a big problem or is my phone just old. Lenovo A6000

It just happens when you open Chrome? Could be a resource allocation issue since your device only has 1 gig of RAM. Chrome is a heavy browser and requires a lot of memory (RAM) to run, thus your other apps are frozen to allow it to run.

You should try other less resource-hungry browsers such as Opera.

Opera is just a tiny bit less hungry than Chrome so you’ll still struggle if you are rocking 1GB RAM. Try reducing your open tabs and pressing the home button to minimize your music player. I think SoundCloud and tunein use more memory than the stock player because they’re streaming apps. I guess you’ll have to choose between browsing or streaming music. You could also try older versions of the apps.

There is a huge difference especially when one manufacturer decides to employ the use of premium materials on their phones. So I can go with Tecno but only for the models that have premium materials.

That is why on my comment is said “SOME” and this dates back to the Tecno Phantom Z Not sure but I think they were the first Tecnos to come with Gorilla Glass and Super Amoled displays. [quote=“aydensaruni, post:12, topic:1464”]
On which Infinix device?

Seriously dude? Tuanze na Infinix Note 2 From here you can find the rest.

I don’t think they still use Dragon Trail glass but I will confirm with my sources within the company.

Confirmed. Infinix does not use dragon trail glass on their phones. They did it once and have never gone back.

“No longer” fits better on this statement But I have picked up something interesting. The Infinix S2 has 2.5D DragonTrail glass. Think it’s a 2017 phone. So that means they are still using it.

At least this proves that they are not the same with Tecno, a company that strives to maintain consistency for their “flagship” phones.

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