Infinix Note 4 comes with physical home button

Just when Samsung is dropping the physical home button from the front and taking the fingerprint reader to the back of the phone where the ancestors had directed it be, Infinix decides to bring it to their yet to be launched Note 4

If you haven’t noticed, the Infinix Note 4 design was heavily inspired by Samsung Galaxy Note 5. I cannot unsee it.

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I think it is time for people to move beyond infinix and try Xiaomi. Xiaomi is a superior phone and priced affordably. 2GB RAM in that device is for instance is an insult.

That device isn’t in the flagship category.

Pricewise: < 30K phone = upto 2GB of RAM

30 - 50K = 3GB of RAM

Price > 50K = 4 - 8 GB of RAM

Nope, checkout Xiaomi phones.

I last year bought Xioami note 3 pro with 3 GB RAM, 32 ROM, fingerprint scanner and aluminum case for under 30k. Xiaomi phones are a better deal than infinix.

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No Teri. Infinix don’t have an excuse for using 2GB RAM on a phone branded “Note”.

The Infinix S2 Pro comes with 3GB of RAM and it costs around 15k.

Actually, for the same price they do. The display costs more in the larger screen. Same applies to the bigger battery.

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