Infinix laptops

I recently saw infinix have decided to delve into laptop making and have so far released 2, the inbook x1 and x1 pro. From the review on YouTube, the build quality is metallic, which seems decent, the display looks ok. They are offered in a range of processor/ram/storage combo from i3 to i7 10th gen. The prices start from $530 to $800. What do you guys think of the laptops, and do you see yourself going for one in the near future?

If the build quality is good, I would buy since software updates will come from Microsoft or Google. However, maximum I would buy is $500 for the highest specced

Anything infinix is shit .resist

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Could you point us to electronic products you created or produced that aren’t sh*t?

I was wondering if Infinix would use only Mediatek chipsets in these laptops just like the smartphones they produce.