Infinix Hot 6 catches fire

Hey all, so an Infinix Hot 6 I bought for my brother some maybe 4 or 5 months ago burst into flames yesterday. What’s is the best strategy to ensure the customer care people replace the phone. They have become quite tricky these days those CARLCARE people.

*He was using original charger. Will update with photos later but he was able to stop the flame immediately.

Wapelekee tu vile iko, plus box charger etc… Update vile kutaenda.

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What he said.:point_up_2:t4: Let’s not intervene and see what the default action will be.

They have concluded that it is the motherboard that short circuited. The action will be to provide a free replacement when the motherboard becomes available in a month. They have said no to my request for a replacement device. I don’t know how they don’t have replacement parts for a phone that is not over an year old. Infinix is notorious for having blown motherboards. I am the one to keep making inquires until a motherboard becomes available and then they accept my device for repair.

The way I see it I have lost 10k. The phone is only 3 months old.

Lesson learnt. Never buy infinix, tecno or Itel. Oppo, xiaomi and recently vivo have phones around 10k that last a long time, at least two years.


A phone that caught fire means that almost the entire device has been damaged why offer a motherboard replacement only

Exxageration lol. My little bro calls me says his phone is on fire. I get the phone and it’s only a little smoke.

After legal threats, tweets and begging, Carlcare gave me a brand new phone on Saturday. CarlCare Meru remains undefeated. :rofl: It is also the last time I am buying an Infinix Smartphone or recommending anyone to do so.

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