Incoming Call without SIM inserted

Today something strange happened, i received a phone call just moments after removing my simcard from the phones sim slot (Infinix Note2). How is this even possible? Anyone out there who can answer and explain how this happened coz i’m still puzzled.

It all started when my main phone (Xperia Z3+) died and i had to immediately transfer my simcard to a borrowed infinix phone so as to not stay mteja. Nilisahau kubeba powerbank juu ni biashara nilikuwa nakimbilia. Anyways I got someone to charge my Xperia and went on with business on the borrowed Infinix phone.

An hour later i decided to put back my simcard from the Infinix phone to my now charged Xperia. Here’s the thing, i removed the simcard from the Infinix without switching it off first. (i’m used to removing my simcard on my Xperia while it’s still on coz it immediately restarts itself after detecting the simcard has been removed. But apparently the Infinix still stayed on after simcard removal) Moments later as i was busy fumbling with the Xperia SIM tray to insert my simcard, the Infinix phone started ringing and I was dumbfounded :no_mouth: After getting over the shock i picked up the call thinking that it would immediately disconnect but lo and behold i spoke to the caller for 11 seconds then hang up the phone still dumbfounded.

I just wish i could’ve talked a little bit longer just to see how far this kind of call can last on a phone without a simcard inserted. After i hang up the network bar disappeared, but while we were talking the network bar was still on and active, Is there any explanation to this?

Which movie is this you were watching?


China Man 3 ???

On a serious note, try slot a simcard on Infinix. Then remove it and try make a call. See if it works.


I can not refute your claims coz my younger siz has an infinix hot note something not sure which model… Every time she removes SIM card, I normally get a message stating that “My phone may be stolen, please keep sending this message numbers.”
I’ve really wondered how this works coz this message is auto-sent and delivered to my phone with her number yet it happens immediately she ejects her SIM card.

Always wondered on the mechanics behind it…

Yeah i will do it again deliberately but once i get hold of that infinix niwaonyeshe, i couldnt believe it either mpaka sahii. Nitaweka hadi video

Yes. I’m waiting for this video.

I thought this wasn’t possible then i just received a promo sms from Telkom on my Safaricom line earlier this morning
How is this possible?

Your case is different. She had set your number as security whatever lo. Ambia yeye angoe

This is more strange

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Ok… Let me do few more research

There is a feature on Android called SIM card hot swapping (changing sim cards with the phone still on). It is usually activated by default on phones with a sim tray and non-removable battery. My phone is made like that and sometimes I remove my slot 1 sim card, put a memory card on the same (shared) slot, copy stuff to/from the memory card, and then put the sim card back in and it does not ask for the PIN. But for that to work, I have to turn on airplane mode before I begin.

Maybe it just took a while for the Infinix to notice that the sim card has been removed.

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She must have activated ‘mobile anti theft’ in security settings.

Alright… i think that’s a good feature thanks for that information

I asked about this. So 5 years ago i ported my Saf line to Orange., then after some nasty experiences with the network and inconveniences za not having mpesa i ported back to Safcom after just a month. Turns out that Telkom might still be having my number in their system and that’s why I was getting those texts

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Meaning they were sending you the Promo txts directly to your Device!

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This is solved. Now someone explain how a SIM-less phone is receiving calls… no, it’s not hot swapping.

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My guess is that maybe phones hold some of the sim network information on their memory, and for a “less tuned” device, it may keep this info few seconds later after the sim is removed. This might explain the network signal still showing, and the carrier systems “thinking” the simcard is still connected (and hence receiving a call). But since this info keeps “updating,” the network should stop showing immediately if the device is working correctly.

This is just a guess work though. But it might be the reason why, cuz its not magic :joy:


Unstable phones right?

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What if phone uses eSIM? Kidding. The technology yet to get to Kenya. No idea what happened.