Importing phones/tech from China

I would like to know import duties for smart phones from China.

Please share any experience that you have had, even if its not from China.

Given how nice One Plus, Xiaomi, Umi phones are. I want to buy direct from China eluding the overpriced Kenyan stalls.~kina Avechi

This subject has been discussed quite a bit. Start here.


Apologies for commenting on this thread too.
I really would like someone help me ship stuff from alibaba

nilikuwa nimeona wasee wametengeza event fulani venye watadiscuss how to import from china walikuwa wancharge 500/= nitakutafutie any info

Please do :grinning:

You can try Afrisali they are good at shipping in items from China, also check out African salihiya.

kindly share with us the info or invite us to the group if its still in existence