Importing Gaming PC or local console

Hello guys ,please help me to find out which would be the best option for me.I was thinking of a gaming PC since it can do other things eg Graphics stuff with Adobe,intensive cpu work and the cost is around $1100 (from providers like mall-for-africa and kentex are there any cheaper and reliable guys?) but also i was thinking of a console maybe ps4 but the games are not cheap unlike in the pc world so the cost of getting games after some years will most likely be the same as the gaming pc and its not that much future proof. I game and work evenly.Which one will suit me?

Defo the PC. ‘twill be even cheaper if you build one and maximize your parts’ specs and get value for money.

Blockquote Go for a PC. if you can, build one from scratch. My friend has done this and it seems worth it than buying a console.

PS4 achia the “I wish I met you before her” gang. Get a gaming PC. That is what you need.

I actually got a good deal on a premade pc.Weighed the cost of the components and its almost the same price so i will get it

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