IMEI Blacklisting

After my phone was recently ‘liberated’ from me I went over to blacklist the IMEI at a Safaricom shop and the whole process left me with some questions.
The customer care claimed that I could only block one IMEI despite the fact that the phone is a dual sim model and each line has it’s own IMEI which is clearly marked on the box, receipt and abstract. That simply makes no sense especially knowing how popular dual sim phones are in Kenya.
Second, that I would have to repeat the whole process at other telcos. Is the blacklist not shared among all the telcos? Not even sure whether Faiba have a blacklist procedure. It would be way better if the list was shared among all telcos by the CA.

I was left wondering if it’s really worth the effort especially knowing how easily IMEI’s are changed by our friendly neighbourhood mobile shops.

What led to it being blacklisted?

:thinking:ehh please read it again, I was the one blacklisting it because it was stolen.

:smile: chief, soma post vizuri

Masomo ain’t everyone’s cup of tea…

First of all, apologies for the loss of the phone. That is always a traumatic experience.

Blocking only one IMEI sounds bizarre to say the least. Is that actual policy or ignorance on the part of the customer care agent? Did you try to escalate the issue?

On the second point, CA should maintain an integrated database of blacklisted IMEIs. But they are one of the more inept government agencies out there so I wouldn’t have any faith in that.

Thanks, the second traumatic experience is that it’s always after its stolen that you remember you should have bought insurance.

I’m not quite sure, I’ve definitely blocked dual sims in the past without issue so it’s either a policy change or ignorant customer care. Thought the techweez bigwigs would have more clout to enquire from Safaricom.

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I’d place a wager on customer care, it sounds so odd.