I'm Giving out Microsoft Ninja Cat stickers

I got four Microsoft Ninja Cat stickers available for any takers. I’m not shipping, so one should be able to collect at our Lenana Road office or possibly make arrangements with one of us to meet in town or wherever is convenient for us.

Of course you would need to know what they represent. If you’re asking now then it’s not for you.



I want!!!

I’m getting a new DELL XPS 15 delivered next week. This will be so cool to have on it.

Please keep one for me.

One gone, three more.

Want one too :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

Two more now.

I want. When can I get them?

Our office, on Lenana road. Check on Google maps.

I’ll come get the last one.

me? I’m around lenana road

Sawa sawa. Ama I can get them when you’re in town

@Bree makes the cut for the last one, so they are done!. Pass by for your sticker.

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Yeah, I can look for you when I’m in town.

I’ll keep it for you, and if I can find a way to get it to you I’ll do that as well.

Thanks, I’ll passby after work since I live around the corner


Do you have the one with a fire-breathing unicorn?

That’s my favorite!

No I don’t, but be sure I’ll keep looking for them when I can.

details unazo, yes?

Yes I do have them.

Thanks Martin.

I’ll pass by this evening.