iHub is moving from Ngong road early next year

I was at an interview that my colleague @MasterofCoin did with new iHub CEO Kamal where he discussed the vision of the new entity. We learnt that iHub will be moving out of Bishop Magua building sometime early next year to a location the CEO did not reveal.

Now as you may know such changes, especially moving from the iconic Ngong road building will have an impact, he downplays this saying that as long as the community goal is still the community will still associate with iHub. This made me wonder what the other effects of the move from Bishop Magua would be.

4th floor Bishop Magua has always been associated with iHub and Nailab, won’t be for long and Nailab will be left there alone, I have no idea who the new tenant for the iHub space will be. Of course not forgetting that the move would mean iHub, iHub research, iHub Consulting, iHub UX lab and m:mlab will move.

This leaves Ushahidi and BRCK alongside others there. Pete’s coffee would love that community, there would be an impact felt by it. I still don’t have the full picture but I imagine there will be casualties of the move.

There goes all the convenience of having all those hubs in one place.

i think its high time iHub got their own bigger space somewhere in the outskirts/suburbs like Karen/langata or Kiambu Road…this will allow them to expand their operations and also room to bring gigabit connectivity to their premises,have adequate co-working spaces with more security.The organization will have more control and ability to evolve and adapt as well as foster innovation in a comfy environment

They do not plan for this. Their model will be fully commercial. They will mainly be solutions providers. It will be like a merge of iHub Research, Consulting, UX lab and m:lab all under one name. It will all be called iHub.

So no more co-working space for devs?

Yes, looks like we will have to go back to creating from our bedsitters. But it’s quite different now compared to back in the day. Internet is much more available and at better costs.

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Yes, things are different internet is far more available and affordable than it was. The iHub will still have a coworking space of sorts but it will operate under a different model. The idea of it being a place for the tech community is not changing.

It would be a shame if they cdo not keep giving developers workspace. I think this was a big part of iHub’s operations and should not just be thrown out of the bus.

Update from iHub CEO, Kamal, http://ihub.co.ke/blogs/29076/alles-bleibt-anders