iHub 2.0, what are your thoughts on the transformation?

For the last more than 6 months iHub has been on transition, from the open community space it was initially intended to be, to a for profit organization that is no longer by the community but an entity by Invested Development, with an aim to be the centre of Kenyan entrepreneurship support. I notice the drop of tech to just entrepreneurship. And to quote from a most recent blog post explaining the vision here.

The sole purpose of the iHub is to catalyze entrepreneurship in the region. Our mission is to provide an amazing support system to individuals and startups on their journey and be a part of them achieving their dreams.

Now as the interim CEO Kamal Bhattacharya leaves, and the move from Bishop Magua to Senteu Plaza, what do you think of the future of iHub?

They “dumped” the people who made iHub what it is today, the community. Then, have you seen the prices they are charging for space?

All I can say is, it was good while it lasted. <see you again soundtrack>

true man,they have abandoned their roots in pursuit of profit