IEBC Registered Voters Verification: Register Irregularities or the Work of Hackers?

So today, the IEBC announced that registered voters could confirm their registration details via SMS. Shortly after, reports surfaced that sending random ID numbers such as 0,11,66 would return actual results of a person said to be the holder of that particular ID number.

See below:

This has led to people claiming that IEBC’s register was never “cleaned” with some people going as far as claiming that they have confirmed their dead relatives are still on the Register (without evidence):

I am not sure what to think here. Is IEBC ran by dumbheads that they honestly thought they could lie to Kenyans about cleaning up the Register and then giving the public a way to catch them in their lie and probably run this country into chaos or has the verification system been compromised and a dummy database created for these random numbers?

They have a comeback, I don’t know if this is after correcting the problem it had earlier.

Guys,you can now check your voter status on

This voter register is just a sham. Nothing was done in the audit.

This is serious and IEBC says they will do nothing due to fear of expunging voters whose records are okay
These errors are huge