Ideas on how to send out notifications from Facebook Group - WhatsApp vs Telegram

Hello guys,

I have these Facebook group where we share genuine job offers. The group is growing pretty fast and we’re at 70,000 plus users right now. Shida ni most people are missing new updates. I have tried to use Facebook status and asking people to subscribe to group notifications but still ni noma.

The issue here is many are suggesting we use a WhatsApp group to send out notifications for new offers. The problem, WhatsApp only holds 256 members in a group. I don’t think Facebook will lift that soon since it will take conversations away from Facebook.

The second option is Telegram. Issue here is many people have low end phones and memory is an issue and asking them to install Telegram is kinda doing zero work since the majority don’t want an extra app that they can hardly use.

Any idea on how to manage this?