ICT 'User Problem' Experiences

A majority of us in this forum either own or work at tech companies/businesses. Some are into tech-freelancing getting small jobs here and there for that extra coin while others in here are engaged in totally different non-ICT related professions like Accounting, Law, Medicine etc but still find themselves interested in ICT related matters and they are pretty good at them, call them the ‘IT Savvy’ if you like.

But whether one is a director, tech support, tech-freelancer or the ‘IT savvy’ at heart one thing is for sure, we’ve all at some point received that call or have been approached by that workmate (non ICT), friend or someone referred to us by a friend who would ask the most obvious of questions or seek assistance to a ‘problem’ whose solution is as easy as them just using their common sense. These are ‘Problems’ the ICT fraternity love to refer to as ‘User Problems’ which can, if not always, be very very annoying.

I’ve had my fair share of client ‘user problems’. Just this week i had someone from the accounts department bring me a brand new flash-disk she had just bought (still in its packaging), introduced herself saying she had been referred by a colleague and requested me to ‘activate’ the flash-disk for her so that she can go start using it. Like really??? I asked her whether she meant ‘formatting’ but she insisted its activation. It took a while convincing her her flash-disk was ready for use without any ‘activation’.

Another day i get called by a secretary in distress, her computer had just died while she was typing some document for her boss. Going through the usual troubleshooting questions with her i narrowed it down to her screen simply going off coz the monitor-power-plug had come loose the culprit here being the office cleaning lady had touched it earlier in the day while performing her cleaning duties. Now asking the secretary to simply plug the monitor-power-plug back firmly was a problem coz “Mimi sijui kamba gani ya kushika, wewe kuja uniwekee” was her response. Trying to explain to her which cable to fiddle with also fell on deaf ears, “Na nikipigwa shock je? kuja unitengenezee” Did i mention she was 5 floors away?
Good thing we had interns around i simply sent one of them to go assist her.

I’d like to hear about your ‘User Problem’ experiences, however annoying they might be, lets share them here,


My first job at a cybercafe and video library, a customer came and rented a movie. The next day he comes back and says, “Your Movie has infected my DVD player with a Virus.” :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

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I am not in IT but while doing my dip I had become an IT guru
I installed internet in peoples phones back in 2008 this was a thing,
Installed cracked CAD software for students at 10K each heck I even gave them warranties from me of course.
I then graduated to installing software from other fields including accounts,graphics and animation.
During that period computers still largely came with no OS and yours truly was the guy to call,I installed OS for 10K each which came with
free cracked antivirus, VLC, virtual dj and need for speed most wanted.
I moved between hostels from Kenya poly, Railways RTI, Media college in south B, UON, JKUAT, KU
it was sweet money but being young I cannot tell you of a single thing I did
Today Is still keep up with tech and truly speaking most IT guys except the server and coders mostly rely on google like the rest of us
Funny enough I found a fundi who increases your android phone memory without resetting to factory setting guess what he does
He clears cache.

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:laughing: :rofl: quite interesting

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Respect the hustle.


You are a bad person. Why didn’t you want to activate the flashdisk for the lady? She had just made a huge investment on an activatable flashdisk and you were breaking her heart by refusing to do it for her.

Can I meet this guy? He has mastered the art of 21 century business

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A colleague of mine also shared your same sentiments. Only he would’ve gone further and tell her to leave the flash disk with him and come back in 30 minutes time after its ‘activated’ and charge her 300/- for the activation. Thats free Nairobi parking fee money according to him


I knew a bit more about computers than the average person so I was the go-to guy whenever a person’s computer was acting up. One funny case during my campus days comes to mind…

There was this chick who had just completed her proposal and to her surprise when she went to print it, it was nowhere to be found in her flash disk. She was hysterical when she came to me because it was the final day to submit it and she had worked on it for weeks. I told her to leave her lappie and flash disk with me so that I could try to recover her proposal and get back to her sometime later in the day. To my surprise, I just had to browse to ‘my documents’ folder to get the proposal. For some reason she thought she was saving it to the flash disk just because she had plugged it in whenever she was working on the document. She had no idea that she had to manually change the save location if she wanted it in the flash drive. I couldn’t tolerate such stupidity so I asked her for KES 500 when I told her that I had ‘recovered’ her document. She thanked me profusely and even paid me on the spot. I just regret that I didn’t ask for more because I can’t account for a single Shilling of that money. I guess it’s true what they say about ill-gotten wealth.

I wouldn’t charge her but I would have just told her to leave it there.

May the LORD forgive you

I try to do right by Him and firmly believe He already has. I am, after all, His son.