ICT Authority in 160 Million Fraud

News broke today that over 160 million shillings has been lost to a number of top executives within the ICT Authority.
Techweez covered the story:

After which the ICT Authority CEO released a statement on the matter promising to deal with those involved.

In a twist, we learnt that he, the CEO, might actually be involved in the fraud.

According to a newspaper article, the scandal could be running into billions of shillings and not just the Ksh. 160M that the auditor uncovered. The article names PS Ministry of ICT, Victor Kyalo as one of the persons on interest in the fraud.

The article reveals that top finance managers within the agency, including the CFO and Chief Internal Auditor are on suspension to pave way for investigation. Apparently, the CFO has already fled the country.

Other persons of interest in this multi-million scam include; Eunice Kariuki - director Partnerships, Innovation and Capacity Development, Felix Ongaga - Director Corporate Services and Kipronoh Ronoh - Director Programmes and Standards.

It has also been speculated that the managers on suspension are just the pawns and the big players could be on the agency’s board of directors.

I knew KICTA was a rat piece of shit…

Uhuru does not have anything to lose now can he crack the whip on these looters.

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Let’s wait and see what action is taken…

It’s funny how some of the culprits think they can flee to another country, buy a beachfront property and merrily sip margaritas for the rest of their petty lives. Now-a-days it’s quite easy to have your bank accounts frozen in most countries unless you choose the dwindling few that do not comply with international money laundering regulations. The government can get our money back if it was really serious about it. Let’s see what the president does to corruption since this is his last term. Failure to crack down on corruption will totally jeopardize his legacy if he’s at all interested in such a thing. I just hope he avoids being remembered as the president who let the country go to the dogs.

If I were Uhuru’s adviser, I’d give him just four agendas for his entire second term: corruption, narcotics, ivory trade, and the runaway public wage bill. These are too important to ignore and now he has nothing to lose. Let’s see what he does.