I think my Note 5's battery died, someone help!

Hey, question would you rather buy a new battery or buy a new phone?

Note 5 is not a budget phone, if it was a screen I’d tell you to get another phone, those are expensive. The battery isn’t. Use a Samsung service centre to get your battery replaced if that’s the only problem. Won’t be pricey.

Alright I will pass by a samsung shop, The screen is intact. It mostly drains power kimala mala so I think the battery has issues.

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Wow. How many years of service have you gotten from the battery? I’m assuming you bought the phone brand new.

Yes when it was launched in 2015, is when I got it.

Samsung Note 5 was launched in 2015. I realized now that Note is not reserved for Samsung. Xiaomi and Infinix have a Note range as well. Xiaomi have a Note 5.

Its now 2 years then since I got it. Thank you for the clarification.

Should I get a new battery or it cannot be fixed?

It can be fixed, just work with a Samsung service centre.

ICEA Building in Town. I hear the service is better if you know the owner of the outlet.

If I know the owner?

This cracked me up as well. @TeriWanderi you do know how random that sounds, right?

Ukifka huko jifanye, “Mkubwa anaedeleaje? Najua ako busy sana sahii?”

BINGO :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I’ve had service there twice, once I was connected by someone who knows the owner and a second time I went on my own. The only difference I had is that I was able to bargain for the first time, and didn’t need to bargain for the second. It was warranty service, free. But service was good both times.

Buy an Infinix Note 4 :laughing: