I Ordered from Infinix X-Mall. Here's My Experience

Infinix launched their own e-commerce platform, X-Mall a while ago. The store has mostly stuff from Infinix and a few other select brands.
I placed an order for the Infinix X-One Noise Cancelling, they’re for Martin.

The process of ordering is simple. Identify the item, add to cart, then checkout. You don’t need an account to actually place your order.

Unfortunately, for the payment, only M-Pesa is supported and it’s the old school style of going through the 8 steps to pay, there’s no M-Pesa Xpress option.

After payment, Infinix actually call to confirm the order and delivery location. In this case, they said they’ll deliver in one hour. So let’s see how that goes.

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So they arrived at around 4:40PM. This was after a lot of calls made with the delivery person… Inputting the delivery address is as good as doing nothing.

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I wish xiaomi had a platform like that. I hate Jumia.

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So separate from the review of the e-commerce store. I bought these because they are quite good. At Kshs 1600 they are a steal. Now there is the Quiet 2, which somehow in my opinion isn’t better than the Quiet 1. These do a good job of noise canceling, great audio and fit well. The Quiet 2 don’t quite fit well in the ear, and the noise canceling is better here.

So these will be my daily drivers going forward. I had them sometime back and lost them. I’m back.

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@martingicheru What does great audio mean? Can you do a comparison with other earphones around? Or compare pricewise, like are they at the same audio level of 5k ones or 10k etc.

A review of a store by a user who happened to be the interviewer of the store’s operations manager is very curious. Given the size of the store’s operations team and how new it is, guaranteeing a double-blind shopping process (where user’s identity isn’t easily isolated so notable users aren’t favored) cannot be guaranteed.

More (independent?) reviews are needed.

Can put up a fight against AKGs, and the noise canceling does do a good job. I’d say its something you can consider if your budget was this.

Definitely. But it was worth doing this review. We didn’t make them aware we were ordering. Saruni just needed his AKGs back, so I bought mine.

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A quick question, does the name infinix appear anywhere on the earphones? Also, on the packaging, I notice they’ve written “noise cancellation headphones”. I thought headphones are the big oversized version of earphones?

Yes it does, on the controls module.

Someone put the wrong copy. These are earphones.

I ordered the Quiet 1 earphones and Xband2 bracelet on Sunday, they were delivered today. We really need an address system, it’s hectic going back and forth with directions for delivery.


Yeah. This is long overdue. Last time I registered a company i was requested to give street address,plot number, house number and a host of other things some of which I had no clue about. Ended up filling random information


@TeriWanderi here is an independent short review… I don’t think my name being on the order made the experience any different.

These Quiet 1 earphones are quite good for their price. You get to confirm how good they can get by using them with the computer. The audio is good! This cancels out the part where the earbuds can slide back into the speaker, reducing the audio quality when one is moving around.

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I might try them. I don’t want to spoil my AKGs( still in the box)

And here you have it, Its like they finally heard you http://thebusinessoutlook.co.ke/index.php/2018/10/04/communications-authority-to-start-street-building-numbering/

What’s your experience using the XBand2 so far? Does it sync well with the smart phone app? I’m thinking of getting one.

So far so good, yes it does sync well. I just turn Bluetooth off once data has been synced.

We are still waiting for this part of the review