I Got Hooked on FLEX and it's All Safaricom's Fault

I was lucky enough to enjoy Flex for free for the past two months thanks to Safaricom and their generosity. I was on the monthly FLEX bundle that costs Ksh. 2500.

To the surprise of everyone, Safaricom doubled last months FLEX units from the usual 3500 units to 7000 units as an offer to appreciate early adopters. Like what!

There’s no joy like browsing on mobile data and calling everyone without a care. Little did I know that there’s nothing that comes free.

On 25 May, 2017, my FLEX units expired. I had around 500 units left but that’s not the problem. The problem was the fact that I was considering buying FLEX units because I could not imagine going back to the life of daily data bundles.

Yes, Saruni Maina, the same crusader who condemned Safaricom for pricing the FLEX units too high was now a convert.

Safaricom tricked me :unamused:

They showed me what it means to live without a little care in the world and now my wallet was about to pay dearly for it.

Luckily, Safaricom introduced a more affordable 1000 bob FLEX bundle that I will be trying to see how long it lasts me before I decide whether its worth it to fork 2500 every month yet I have WIFI at home and at work.

That’s not the only bundle they introduced in the package. I remember you making noise that Flex was expensive with the Kshs 100 at the lowest, they introduced Kshs 50 for 50 Flex daily.

Have you figured what transformation happened, whether the thing they managed to do is help you with throwing caution to the wind?

I would not consider the daily package since it is more expensive than the monthly package.

I will be happy with the transformation if they keep the free FLEX units coming.

lol,FLEX ni ukora by safcon

okay I sat down n thought about this FLEX thing., anyone who uses them atuambie if the 999bob one can last a month?


Definitely depends on what you do with your phone. I use it and don’t exactly get through the month without adding. That depends on whether I use it on phone, tether to a second device or just use mobile data on the phone alone.

For the last option it may last through.

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Al subscribe to this for this month and see how it takes me

Heeh. I see their persistence is having effects.

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I was covering an event on social media last week and the wifi at the place was good but once people started flocking in speeds became slow. Faiba 4G was down, Airtel was crappy, i was only left with Safaricom 4G which was excellent, but had to restrict myself to 80mb (subscribed to blaze 40mb twice).
Safcom is the only network i could depend on that day, just that i had no choice but to limit my browsing,n seeing that chances of this happening again n again am seeing myself having to find other options tu

Uhuh… Totally makes sense

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I calculated and the 1000 flex is actually quite good then blaze hit me with 4GB and 4000 sms at 1000 for a month and I couldn’t resist

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Flexx is actually quite nice, so far so good

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