Hundreds of Birds Drop Dead During 5G Trial in Netherlands

I’m trying not to imagine what 5G can do to humans over time if the claims of 5g killing the birds is true.

I saw that article a while ago and landed on YouTube to check out the video. If you check on comments, locals are claiming that it’s not a 5G antenna but just a small antenna used by a local organization. The antenna has been there for ages and so they termed the whole story a hoax.

Conspiracy theories are always coming up eeh…

If the same doesn’t occur in other ares where the same test is being conducted then there’s nothing to worry about…
The whole saga got me thinking though… in my house there’s Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Infrared, GSM(gprs, 3g & LTE), NFC, RF, Satellite, microwave and many other frequencies… I don’t wanna go by the saying too much of anything is dangerous… I just want to believe am safe.

You remind me of that court yenye sijui iko Milimani next to some huge network masts yenye judges wote wamekataa for the same reason you’ve highlighted.

By the way. Also used to wonder on the potential impacts of all these technologies on a person

What I can somewhat agree is placing your laptop on your lap over a long period of time may affect parts of your body’s functionality because of the heat, the rest are just myths.

Wow, I have not heard of it. That is crazy…

All these are on the safe radio spectrum.

I wouldn’t call it conspiracy theories. The reason why you don’t hear too much about the effect of wireless signals on people and other living things is that Telecom companies have too much to lose if the general public finds out that all these radio waves are harming them. Numerous studies about the effects of these waves were carried out after the US Navy determined that radar towers were causing a condition known as electromagnetic hyper sensitivity in their Marines. The plethora of studies that followed led to the creation of guidelines by many countries that set the maximum allowable levels of electromagnetic waves emitted by devices in public places. According to the studies conducted those many years ago, (in the '1900s), the level at which electromagnetic waves start to negatively impact biological organisms was determined to be at 0.1 milliwatts of energy per square centimeter.

Countries set out to create the guidelines I mentioned before but the problem with those guidelines is that they are not enforceable because they were just for reference purposes. Just like the universal declaration of human rights which has no legally enforceable aspect.

Coming back to the waves, countries have set their limits mostly based on what they think is the right level, often times completely ignoring the results of scientific research. European countries have the lowest limits but other Western countries set the levels far beyond what was determined by studies to interact with biological matter. I saw in a documentary that in the US, for example, the limit is set at 580mw per square centimeter. In most schools in the us, all classrooms have Wi-Fi routers that sometimes transmit thousands of mw per square centimeter. Some classrooms can have as many as 3 routers constantly bombarding students with radio waves.

The effects of these waves on large creatures like us hasn’t been studied because funding for such studies suddenly went dry and most of the research that regulators rely on was conducted in the 1900’s. At that time there wasn’t even a consumer Wi-Fi router available. In fact the research that led to the 0.1 mw per square centimeter was done with exposure to a single device emitting radio waves. These days you can barely walk 5 minutes without coming across tens or even hundreds of devices emitting these waves.

What worries me is that there is scientific proof that rats, when constantly exposed to electromagnetic waves became totally sterile (unable to reproduce) within 3 generations. Why scientists are not busy figuring out if this will be our fate as well is anyone’s guess. Studies have also proven that electromagnetic radiation causes the immune system to weaken while at the same time causing bacteria to mutate and become multi-drug resistant.

The fact of the matter is that any wireless signal, be it Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, infrared, 2G, 3G, 4G, or 5G is a type of electromagnetic radiation which has effects on organic matter.

Now to be a bit of a conspiracy nut, maybe the Powers that be know this and are strategically using it to manipulate the human race… Maybe they plan to bathe us in so much electro smog that we all become sterile and dumb enough that we will be unable to rise up against whatever nefarious plans they’re up to.

Coming back to reason, what I’ve said is not fictional at all (sans the previous paragraph). Electromagnetic hypersensitivity causes confusion that victims define as a mental fog that doesn’t go away until the source of the radiation is removed. It causes a significant decline in learning capability as well as tremendous headaches that don’t respond to medication. Studies have shown that some people are more susceptible but hey, eventually there might be some much electromagnetic pollution that nobody will be immune to it. I have friends who have installed high voltage power cables to big buildings and some say that at the point where those cables come in and are subdivided, if they’e in that space for a long time, they felt dizzy, mentally sluggish, got frequent headaches, and sometimes even felt like they were being heated by some unknown force.

I saw that in the us, there are cities, usually in rural areas, where a large antenna is set up to neutralize every type of emf basically making it a Haven for those afflicted with EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity). The population of these towns is growing and maybe one day many of us will be forced out of the cities that we love so much into such places.

To know more about some of the things I mentioned, check out the documentary by RT called WI-FI refugees. Actually, don’t bother searching, here it is. Thank me later.

In some cities in the US, 5G antennas will be placed on every third Street lamp. Cities like Chicago will have hundreds of thousands of these tiny boosters because the mm waves are easily absorbed by things like plant leaves. Let me end this with a question, if these waves are being absorbed so readily, does it make sense to say that they have no effect whatsoever on the tissues that absorb them? Remember that the waves are some form of energy and whether it is safe or not is something that someone, somewhere is trying very hard to keep under wraps. Some states in the US made legislation to allow people to limit the number of cell towers that can be erected on public space but the federal government moved quickly to quash these types of legislation. In whose interest do you think the federal government is acting? The public or some big corporation somewhere?

Something else just came to me, the WHO has already categorized radio waves as possibly carcinogenic. Now another question, do you think that it’s better to have more or less of these waves?

Microwave radiation is non-ionising meaning that the only known danger is the risk of burns.

So this is a conspiracy theory.

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You’re right. Telecommunication radio waves are in the non-ionizing class. However, Ionizing simply means that the radiation is the worst of the worst. It is the radiation with enough energy to knock electrons off of their atoms on contact. This type of radiation will cause a sudden and dramatic impact the moment it hits you. (The kind that you can’t ignore) For instance, you’ll develop painful blisters on the skin within seconds of exposure and your molecules and dna will undergo immediate and catastrophic damage followed by rapid cascading organ failure and death soon after. However, it’s the slower-acting stuff that should worry us. Remember that devastating things like cancer and global warming are the ones that take the longest to be fully understood and they’re the ones that eventually kill the most people. Today every one out of six deaths is as a result of cancer.

Having said that, there is irrefutable proof that this non-ionizing radiation does interact with biological organisms sometimes very noticeably. It has been scientifically proven that many people with slow cellular regeneration and weakened immune systems suffer from EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) as I mentioned before.

The fact that they have a pre-existing medical condition does not mean that the rest of us are safe because we don’t have the same condition. We are safe for now because our bodies heal the damage caused by radiation faster than them. Eventually there will be too much of this non-ionizing radiation that even we will start to get sick.

The Advent of 5G gets us one giant leap closer to that. Understand that the more the devices emitting radio waves, the higher the likelihood of visible damage to living cells. Right now the world is in a downward spiral that is driven by people’s need for the latest and greatest gadgets which makes companies to develop more and more devices that are capable of transmitting radio waves. In some US cities, there will be a 5G booster on every third Street lamp. As homes get smarter (whatever that means :stuck_out_tongue:) everything in the house will be able to talk to everything else wirelessly and we spend about three-quarters of our lives indoors bathing ourselves in these wireless signals (some more than others). This will only get worse because with so many devices using wireless signals, interference creeps in very quickly and the favorite way for manufacturers to deal with it is to increase antennas or boost signal strength. Very few people think about the long run especially when money is involved.

Bottom line is that the days are coming when exposure to electromagnetic waves will no longer be discussed in forums as an afterthought. There’s absolutely no doubt in my mind.

That’s not what it means. Ionising radiation contains enough energy to remove an electron from an atom. This range of the spectrum consists of UV, X-ray and gamma rays and the dangers are well studied and known.

I will quote the World Health Organisation on this.

EHS has no clear diagnostic criteria and there is no scientific basis to link EHS symptoms to EMF exposure.

More junk science, I give up!

Since you won’t read everything I have written and for some weird reason cherry-pick some of it to reply to and refuse to engage your mind, I have nothing more to say to you. Good day mister.

You dwell on speculation and junk science with no basis in facts. Cited below specifically for you:

If your wild theory had any supporting evidence then there would be a direct correlation between the human discovery of radio technology (your slower acting stuff) and an increase in the rates of cancer.

Again I will cite the World Health Organisation for figures.

In 2016, only cancers of the lung and respiratory tract appears 6th on the top ten causes of death in humans. Heart diseases, strokes, dementias and lower respiratory tract infections kill more people.

It is even more revealing in the developing world where AIDS, tuberculosis, road accidents and complications at birth are recorded as bigger killers.

Link to a study, report or even a reputable institution that supports this. EHS is not a medical diagnosis!

Once again there is no credible scientific data that supports this. Non-ionising radiation is not damaging to human or animal life.

Again with the speculation. Did you read this on Facebook?

You have to learn to separate opinion from scientific fact. I cherry pick because it is not too difficult to call you out.