Huawei Y9 2019 or Nokia 6.1 (X6)?

After purchasing an elephone from Avechi last year - which conked out on me in December, I’m in the market for a new phone. Both the devices are similarly priced, but I’m a bit unsure of the Y9’s large size.

What would be the best option between the two phones? I’ve completely turned against purchasing phones without some kind of local support.

I’d get the Nokia 6.1 Plus. Android One and guaranteed software/security updates is a plus.

Hello @deadpoet. I never really used the Y9, but I played with the 6.1 Plus and even reviewed it on the site . It is an excellent device for so many reasons. However, let me summarize my points as follows:

  1. If software updates are important to you, get the 6.1 Plus as it is already rocking Android 9 Pie.
  2. If compactness is important to you, get the 6.1 Plus.
  3. If a basic software experience is central to your phone purchases, the 6.1 Plus is your phone.
  4. If exceptional battery life is key too, the Y9 is superior, but I never really had a problem with the 6.1 Plus.
  5. I would guess the Y9 has better optics, but with a Google cam app, the 6.1 Plus can take good pics too.
  6. Lastly, I think the Y9 is speedier as the Kirin silicon in it is superior to the S636 in the 6.1 Plus.

Bottom line is that I would pick the 6.1 because of its compactness.

Casually went window shopping today, but couldn’t find the X6 in the three shops I went to. Bah! I will have to postpone my purchase until I get a feel for the phone.

Xiaomi Mi A2 lite has also come under my radar, in spite of my feelings against phones without local support

I currently have the Nokia 6.1 got it for 22K last year, it’s quite a looker with no notch, supports Faiba 4G (I can see it’s back although slower) the battery is great it won’t die on you and if you care the android is upto date on android pie, The photos a good not great, and screen quality is acceptable, the only thing I hate about the phone is that you have to choose between having 2 sim cards or single sim and a micro-sd card you cannot have all 3.

Huawei Y9 (2019) is a clear winner here. I don’t even know why we’re having this debate :sweat_smile:

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Well, it seems you have a bit of catching up to do. Xiaomi have local support now, so you should definitely consider the Xiaomi.

Mi A2 lite has local support, probable better than Nokia. You can buy the phone in the Xiaomi store in Nairobi BIHI towers for that one year warrant. You can buy a screen replacement, protectors and cases at a shop near tearoom. With that being said I don’t think the Mi A2 lite is a good phone for the price. 20k in shops I have visited. The redmi note 6 pro is a better phone at 22k.

Ps. Don’t buy from Avechi.

Tegea Mi A3. Also, tegea note 7 ifike Kenya, will be same price as note 6.

I think Xiaomi intentionally uses smaller batteries on Mi A-series to make people buy MIUI devices… Stage 4 cancer is better than using MIUI ever again… That software sucks!


Well I love MIUI so one man’s poison is anothers meat

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I trust Nokia as a brand and since its device has amazing camera hardware i would go for Nokia! Also, since they have started using Mediatek the trust has grown. this is just my perspective, dont kill me for that!