Huawei Overtakes Samsung as Largest Smartphone vendor

Hello, a few days ago, it was revealed that Huawei shipped the largest amount of smartphones last quarter. What are your thoughts?

The fact that Huawei is still able to ship over 55 million smartphones over a single quarter even with lack of Google Messaging Services is clearly a large feat.
And I think it is an open act of defiance to the US government that they are not as big an influence as they think they are.
Imagine over 100 million smartphones by the end of 2020 will be running Huawei Messaging Services instead of GMS, that’s a big blow for google, all those customers that they can no longer spy on.

Oh and while at it, how would you compare HMS to GMS? I haven’t tried HMS myself


I think they’re doing it second quarter in a row. I guess most of these phones are being gobbled up in the Chinese market to showcase solidarity in the US-China trade wars. Also, Samsung had to close down some of it’s foundries in China, India, and Brazil due to Covid-19. That explains the low shipment of devices.

But doesn’t this an egg on Uncle Sammy…

Yaani even after banning someone left and right they still number one…

In a way that means someone overestimated their power…

Wasipochunga guys will move on and become independent.

They should ndiyo US Govt waache ufala.

Wachana na headlines, look at the news itself and utapata nothing has really changed for huawei. 72% of the sales have been in china where Google Messaging Services are a non issue. The global share of sales is in steep decline from 61% in 2019 quarter one to current 28% and it’s getting lower since phones without GMS are basically non starters in the rest of the world. Only applying face lifts to pre-blacklist phones and relaunching them has managed to salvage some sales but that won’t last long as the phones get longer and longer in the tooth relaunching them ceases to be an option. If anything the report highlights how huge the domestic Chinese market is and no wonder why companies are always salivating to get a piece of the action there.

Hapo kwa HMS wacha tungoje tuone if it can emerge as a decent alternative outside the Chinese market.