Htd painkiller on google play store (mobile games made in kenya)

Have you checked out our new android game? It is called Hunt The Dead Painkiller

It is an endless FPS game. The game is about killing zombies and mutants. Wave after wave of zombies and mutants will come your way as you advance into the game. The game also supports multiple languages English, Spanish, French, Russian, Swahili & Arabic. So much fun and addictive. You should check it out.

Gameplay on Youtube


I don’t mean to be rude but refine that game. Congrats for the code and respectable graphics, but the mechanics are soo basic (like, toddler basic). By the way, is the character coughing grenades or what? Hands are just fixed on the gun… Also, there’s no better way to represent a smoke?


Best game ever made in the whole world.


Hello there Omgitsdes, when you are done being a toddler you will understand its easy to post a comment than to make a game. Enjoy your toddler/basic life :laughing:

:joy: :joy: That’s why I said I do not mean to be rude. I think you should take that advice yourself. I know making a game is not easy. You should also understand that apart from your friends, no one else will accept substandard stuff.

I won’t tell you what you want to hear because I’m tired of some developers making crap and asking people to support them ati cuz its hard. If you can’t do it, focus elsewhere. Don’t be blinded by the desire to make quick buck and bring substandard stuff to the market.

Be honest, do you think that game is ready?

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:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

But I believe that since you can somehow make a game, you can also be patient and develop something better. Don’t make it a side thing, be patient and ask for beta testers

This made my day…

Areas for improvement kwa hii game yako:

  1. Language; the game seems to prefer Arabic for some reason. Don’t default Kenyan users to Swahili.
  2. There needs to be some form of visible controls rather than allowing the user to guess.
  3. The graphics are good. But representing smoke with squares is not cool.
  4. Link to play games.
  5. Ads. A zombie touched me once and I was forced to watch an ad to gain health (I watched it fully… to “support local content” :smirk:). Seriously
  6. Beta test that game (Without ads first) and make key changes and you will have more users on board later.
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Thank you for playing the game.We are working on some updates. In the mean time we urge you to try to enjoy the game(rather than focusing on the rotten tomatoes) and share it with gamers around you. Thanks again Omgitsdes for your insights.

Critics are good for innovation. If you contract someone to build a house and it develops cracks immediately, he or she cannot tell you to live with it cuz “you don’t know how hard it is to build,” etc.

Ukipata criticism usidhani it’s just some “keyboard warrior” waiting to trash your product. Unless you also never complain about anything that you don’t know how to make :smile: :smile:

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This guy is crazy😂 Don’t mind him. The game is awesome. I can’t stop playing it. Great job guys

That would be wrong advice. I think @Omgitsdes is doing constructive criticism if you like. You may dismiss him but as he said, the market will be ruthless if gamers feel it’s substandard.
@Devappkenya should be objective with the criticism and avoid being emotional over the same.

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Am surprised the way he is responding to your insights. I think you pointing areas of improvement – very important!

True. @Omgitsdes is simply giving constructive criticism. The gaming market is ruthless and doesn’t accept substandard stuff.

From his attitude, The Guy simply doesn’t Care…

As they say, nabii hukataliwa kwao. This game is an AA rated type of game in my opinion. When y’all stop hating you might enjoy HTD painkiller

We all agree the Game is 101% Perfect… We have never and neither do we think we will ever get to see anything better in our lifetime…

I choose to side with the one who chooses to write history. Kenya and Africa at large will thank this guy’s work one day. Time will tell

I think you should revisit the criticism side by side with the game. “Hating” is a misplaced word in the discussion.