HTC U11 is out and we're having a very big fight in the office

Lets start here, the HTC U11 got announced a few minutes ago.

One of the main features is Edge Sense, basically ability to squeeze the sides of the phone to launch camera, long squeeze to change it to selfie camera among other features. @kiruti is over the moon about the phone, I like Samsung and as usual @sarunibm is confused on what he wants, usually can’t see beyond a OnePlus, but that’s story for another day.

The specs sheet is quite super, and it’s the current leader in Dxo Mark ranking, currently at 90. But is that enough to excite anyone to stay off a Galaxy S8, a Xiaomi Mi6 or even an iPhone?

Does being able to finally squeeze something that won’t slap you for being clueless make it worth it?

I plead the fifth…

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HTC keeps making ugly phones unlike its competitors nkt,they never learn

DxOMark at times fails to keep in mind that the user of the phone is not a professional photographer. Most people need a phone they can pop up the camera and get great shots 99% of the time.

GSMArena did a blind camera test betweem the LG G6, S8, and HTC U11. PhoneArena did the same with the same phones but also included an iPhone 7 and Pixel.

With GSMArena S8 won the blind test while on PhoneArena the G6 won the blind test. That tells you where HTC is. It is not the first time HTC is ranking higher on the DxOMark. It did during the year of the S6 with the M9 and for those who are keen about these phones will notice how the M9 really struggled to take photos in real life situations.

Nornally, I use youtube reviewers for quality checks about phones. Refer to these guys below:

  1. SuperSafTV
  2. JerryRigEverything &
  3. KrystalKey

I endorse KrystalKey for camera reviews.
JerryRigEverything is just heartless.
Why would you watch SuperSaf when you have MKBHD and TLD (Jonathan Morisson)


This guy is great for unboxing and not in depth reviews and he is so selective and biased at times.

Not heard or him before. I will try check out more about what he does.

Acha niwachie hapo. Naona tukikosana :sweat_smile:

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Kyrstal Key,Linus(LinusTechTips/TechQuickie/NCIX Tech tips),Joshua Vergara(Android Authority) and MKBHD are some of the best tech reviewers i have seen on Youtube…check them out

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